Sunday, October 6, 2013

Post-Wedding Haze

Just wanted to pop in with a quick note! (ALSO! The above photo is one of my favorites from the wedding day; Claire snapped this while we were walking back from taking photos during a complete downpour. Elise's husband was such a sweetheart and toted around umbrellas all afternoon, and carried the back of my dress whenever I needed. I'm telling you - hire Elise & Ethan for all of your photographic needs! You will not find a better team out there!)

I've now been married one whole week! It's gone by terribly slowly and extremely fast at the same time. I can tell, this first year is going to be a complete blur. (And if the wedding day is any indication as to how time flies when you're having fun, then geez, this year will be over in two seconds!)
Anyway- I just wanted to thank you for the sweet comments, emails, IG comments, texts, etc. for all of the love Blake and I have received over this past week. We are so grateful for your friendship! 

I hope to be back soon (tomorrow?! We'll see if I'm up to it!) with the photos from Disney. HOLY CRAP I'm so excited about all of that! I have so many photos and stories - I don't want to Disney overload anyone (you know how it is - when someone can go on and on about a topic you couldn't care less about? I don't want to do that to you!), but indulge me for just a post or two with all of our silly photos and stories in this next week. :) 

See you soon! 
Haley Tucker

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  1. Congrats girl!! Can't wait to see more wedding photos... and I love all things Disney so bring it on! :)