Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Bridal Portraits

When Elise and I had our booking consultation, we came up with a general schedule for the day's photo taking. We included about 30 minutes for just photos of me, which seemed like more than enough time (and honestly... 30 minutes is a real freaking long time when you don't like having your photo taken!). Two months before the wedding, I get a text from Elise asking if I was interested in a pre-wedding bridal shoot... duh! It sounded like a lot of fun, and I was definitely interested in photos being taken somewhere other than the venue. So, when August rolled around, I had all of my trials done (hair, makeup and even nails!), put on my dress, and we spent a real freaking long time (way longer than 30 minutes!) taking these photos. Here's a few of my favorites:
This turned out to be the best idea ever, because seeing my hair/makeup in photos caused me to have more of a critical eye on what I wanted to do for the actual wedding. I ended up ditching the braided bangs, because it wasn't as relaxed as I wanted my hair to look. And then my makeup artist, on the wedding day, gave me REALLY strong eyebrows, and I'm still not all that sure how I feel about them, but Colby said they looked fierce (which, I guess, is a good thing..?). But! I'm glad I did all of this a month before the wedding, instead of having hair I wasn't a big fan of in my "real" wedding photos forever.

Elise, as I have said before, and will say a million times over, is the best. I never had any doubts in her ability when I booked her for our wedding, and now, she's seriously going to be our go-to photographer. Why, you may ask? She takes the CUTEST baby photos.
Our photo session was a breeze and Elise & Ethan made me feel so comfortable (except when she asked me to twirl around in my huge, heavy dress... so awkward, you guys!). Ethan even carried me over mud, and Elise swatted the mosquitos away from me. What a team! ;)
I am so happy with these photos, and Blake is too! Thank you so much Elise, you are a dream and a half for all your hard work! (insert the kissy face emoji here)

xo Haley


  1. Girl you are gorgeous!! Loving the dress and veil!! These are so wonderful!

    1. Thank you for the sweet compliments! Making me blush. :)