Friday, October 18, 2013

B+H Private Reveal

The private reveal was something I knew I had to do. I mean, if you just even look under the wedding tab on Pinterest, you'll see a million and a half photos of private reveals (and every single one will make me cry!). So, when our day came, my dad and I had our own private reveal (those few photos were in yesterday's post!), and I cried like a baby. I quickly touched up my makeup and went outside to meet Blake. As soon as I saw him, I burst into tears. It took me a minute to pull myself together enough to even walk towards him! And as soon as he turned around... I burst into tears again. And seriously - I am an ugly crier. Ugly tears all the time, no matter what. So, without further ado... our private reveal and a few photos that happened after that. :)
Almost as soon as we finished up our reveal, it started POURING rain. We got stuck in a little section of the house that covers the driveway, so we took that opportunity to take a few photos of just us. And then... the rain never let up. So we ended up taking all of our posed photos in that one spot, excluding our family photos which we took in the carriage house. A few days ago, I started to get a little bummed out over the fact that we didn't get to take photos at all the really awesome spots around the venue (there are so many!), but as soon as I saw these, I didn't care - these photos are absolutely perfect.

xo Haley

Photos by Elise Abigail Photography
Venue: Miss Gilmore's Carriage House


  1. ACK!!! I love love love these. They are SO perfect...and man oh man, of course I teared up...such a sap but so happy for you both!!!

  2. And cue waterworks..........AGAIN.

  3. These photos are so beautiful! What a lovely wedding.

    Amanda Rose