Friday, October 11, 2013


One of my very favorite things about having a hashtag for our wedding (I'm a big old pinterest cliche or what?!), was being able to scroll through all of the photos while waiting on our flight the next morning. It was like reliving the day all over! Every now and then our photographer, Elise, has been posting little teaser photos and I am incredibly excited to get those photos!
Anyway - here are a few of my favorite instagrams I found on our hashtag!
1. Breigh's mom snapped this shot of us gals while we were decorating the venue. I will treasure this photo forever! (via @alissaclaire) 2. My dad cut this sign out of wood, then I stained and painted it. It was a labor of love that I obsessed over! It now happily resides over our bedroom door! (also via @alissaclaire) 3. Blake and I with our sweet flower girl, Daisy. She looked absolutely beautiful! (via @rcbpink) 4. And our cutie nephew/ring bearer, Milo. (via @mandymtucker) 5. From the rehearsal dinner: my mom and I put together little bags to give to all of our family/friends that attended the rehearsal dinner. It was full of info like numbers to call, a wedding day schedule, a thank you note and chocolates. Yet another labor of love! (via @alissaclaire) 6. Our program and favors. I searched high and low on the internet for blank cd's that looked like records... good news! I found them and they were perfect! (via @emmaredvelvet) 7. Our goofy bridal party. It was pouring rain when we had to take photos, so we were really limited to where we could actually take photos. Thank goodness this porch is pretty! (via @annaleeneale, our second shooter, and my old roommate!) 8. Blake's dad got a suuuper good deal through his company on Starbucks coffees, and I just couldn't pass up that opportunity to have those at our reception! And I think our guests enjoyed them, too. :) (via @elsiecake) 9. Our venue couldn't have been better. The detail on the curtains just about kill me! I'm so grateful for all of the help we had setting up the venue... I actually did none of it, and being the weirdo anal person I am, I'm surprised at how well I let go of it, and just let my friends handle it. And you know what? It turned out beautifully. :) (via @alissaclaire, of course!)

I'll be sure to share some of the wedding photos as soon as I get them in... but for now, here's one that Elise posted on Facebook... :)
Elise, you are incredible and I want to kiss your face for this photo!

xo Haley


  1. Let's just say I really enjoyed using that #blakeandhaley hashtag :)

  2. the last picture is overwhelmingly beautiful. Congratulations!!!

  3. Gorgeous girl! Can't wait to see more! I wish hashtags were around when I got married, gosh that makes me feel old. It was only 2 years ago! Haha