Saturday, September 28, 2013


(I knew I said I was taking a break, but.. I couldn't resist. Making memories, y'all)

(look at those babies! This was a little over 2 months after we started dating. Awwww...) 

Seventeen months ago, on a little side street in downtown St. Charles, MO, Blake proposed to me! He got down on one knee, and all of that jazz, and I promised to be his wife. Ten months before that, he gave me a "promise ring" (which was the wrong size, and we never had it resized, so I wore it one time...). We had been dating for maybe 6 months at the time, and had known each other far longer than that, but we knew that we were "it" for each other, and I am so, so grateful. 
We met on MySpace, as cool as that is, and we hung out for the first time in my room, watch Cloverfield. We would text every so often for the next 2 years. The summer before college, I had a bad breakup, and Blake was there for me. College started - we'd have lunch together, we'd skip class together just to hang out, and we even went on a real date (to the Moxie, where we saw Micmacs, the cutest little French film). I told him I loved him before we even started dating "officially." 
Today, I become his wife. I get to marry my best friend.

Blake, I have loved you for 1,085 days. I have called you mine for 1,022 days. From the rocky beginnings to our relationship over 4 years ago, to the breakups and the fights, and the weird little quirks we try to change about each other, I have always loved you. Even when I met you at 17 years old, thinking you were the weirdest, skinniest boy I'd ever met; even when I didn't think our future would go further than those MySpace messages; even when I swore up and down I wouldn't date someone who weighed less than I did. ;) I still loved you. All through the years, when I didn't even know it. I have always loved you, Blake Tucker, and I always will.

** to all of those who have followed this, since the beginnings of the relationship, from our engagement, or from somewhere in the middle of all of that, thank you. I remember when Claire and I would write letters to each other, I wrote, "so... there's this boy, and I think I really like him." And now - here we are. It's our wedding day! It's been a looong time coming, and I'm so glad I've been lucky enough to share it with new and old followers! Love, love, love you guys! <3


  1. HALEY. This made me teary-eyed! I hope today was the very best, most perfect day of your entire life. I wish you and Blake so so so much happiness. I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten to know you and your heart over the past few months, and to help just a teeny tiny bit with such a huge moment. Congratulations, Mrs. Tucker. :) Now, go enjoy that honeymoon! ;)

  2. Amazing post!! Congrats girl, hope your wedding day was just perfect!