Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wedding photos are here!

So... we got our wedding photos from Elise!!
She posted them last night around 9pm, and I was up until 11 just looking at them over and over. I can't get over them! I am so tempted to post all of them, but - I won't. If you'd like to see all of them at once, take a trip on over to Elise's blog and check it out. Seriously, I know I'm a little biased, but these photos are incredible. Elise is such a dream. And such a hard worker!
Here's a little snippet of us gals getting ready & some of Blake. Tomorrow, I'll share the private reveal and talk a little about that. :)
These two photos were taken while FaceTiming with my best friend Cassie, who lives in LA. Back when Blake and I first got engaged, I asked her to be a bridesmaid. But a year after that, she moved to California and the soonest she could come back to Missouri was around Christmas. As much as I would've loved to have her physically present at the wedding, I am so glad that this sort of technology is readily available for us, so that she could "be there" on the wedding day. And I'm SO grateful that Elise snapped these photos. 
My sweet dad. He cried like a little girl! And he put my shoes on for me - it was a total Cinderella moment, I'm not going to lie! Although, he did say that for days after the wedding, his knees hurt really bad! Sorry, pops! ;) 
Look at my handsome man! I sure do love him. I remember Morgan coming up to the bridal suite after visiting with the guys and saying, "seriously, Blake looks so good." I'm so glad he's mine.

Vendor Info: 
Photography: Elise Abigail Photography
Dress: David's Bridal (and it was on sale! and it had pockets!)
Veil: Tessa Kim
Sash: Rosebud Lips Bridal
Shoes: Journeys (!!)
Blake's suit: ASOS
Tie: H&M
Shirt: Target (Actually, all the guys' shirts were from Target. I'm telling ya, that place is magic.)


  1. I definitely went and scoured Elise's blog to see the rest! SO GORGEOUS. That photo of your dad putting on your shoes made me teary. It looked like such a beautiful day.

  2. You look SO beautiful and Blake looks SO handsome, damn you guys are good looking!!! I teared up reading this post too...darn you guys haha ;) I love that you wore little lace up oxfords, they're perfect!! Gosh I love weddings!!!

  3. Ah, I love how emotional we were. I mean I expected us to cry but I was out of control. So blessed to be the one beside you through all of this. And I love how incredibly well Elise captured the love that you and Blake have for each other. And that everyone around you has for you guys. There is no one like you two. I'm encouraged by your love.

    You're just incredible. And might I say SO SOOOO FINE.

  4. so many beautiful photos! i went to your photographers blog to see them all and they are gorgeous! i have to say, all of the guys look so good and dapper! everything was so beautiful, especially you!