Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend I am

Moving a few more things out of my old apartment (I have to be completely out on Sunday!)
Spending THREE days with Claire!
Trying on wedding dresses.
Going to Fair Grove's fall festival (fried oreos, y'all).
Maybe going to a haunted corn maze, if I can convince Claire...? ;)
Introducing Claire to my other two besties, Breigh and Colby.

I am extremely excited for Claire to be here for the weekend. She came earlier this year, when we looked at our wedding venue. As much as I would love for my other three best friends here to watch my try on wedding gowns for the first time, I'm so excited that Claire is coming all the way from Arkansas for this special occasion.

In other wedding news, I have been nailing out some honeymoon plans. As you probably know, we decided on Disney World. We got a little too excited and started buying all these Mickey Mouse themed t-shirts (I guess I was the one that went overboard. Blake only has one shirt, I bought 2 shirts, a sweater and a dress.... obsessed!). To make it all feel a little bit more 'real,' my boss (who recently had her own Disney trip last weekend), brought back Mickey and Minnie luggage tags for Blake and me. HOLY CRAP I was so excited.

And non-wedding related news: I am starting to love Glee again. The Office is killing me. New Girl is super funny. And I feel like the writers of Parks and Rec are trying to give me heart failure with this whole long distance relationship thing between Leslie and Ben.
Why was that whole update based on TV shows? I need a life. Also, I have cable for the first time in over a year. So that's probably why I'm hooked on TV so much. I even watched Pirates of the Caribbean, j.u.s.t. because it was on TV! Television intervention needed over here.

And all of a sudden it's 10:30 pm, and my computer is about to die.
Also, this was such a boring post. I won't be offended if you don't read it all.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn 2012 Playlist

With every new season, I make new playlists to fit the 'mood' of the season. Creating playlists is a big time waster for me and I absolutely love doing it. The trouble with making my fall playlist is that every year...the songs are always the same. ALWAYS. For some reason, I'm stuck on listening to the same playlist I made my senior year of high school, and kind of-sort of adding in a few new songs each year. Blake makes fun of me for this (who needs new music? Not me!). But I just like to be nostalgic. ;)
Without further ado, my perfect playlist for the cold weather that is fast approaching... 

These are the songs that I listen to probably every day this time of year. (and it's called "fall. for real." because I make so many "fall" playlists that I have to start numbering them after a while.)
Of course, with the Justin Bieber concert fast approaching, I listen to him a lot too... #dork

ps. last night I had trouble falling asleep, so I made my Christmas playlist. YUP. Can't wait to share that one! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lana Del Rey x H&M

 I think it's no secret that I have the ultimate lady crush on Lana Del Rey. So when she became the new 'face' of H&M, I kind of had a mini freak out sesh. She's the ultimate classic beauty. She's gorge.
(also, this video gives me the heeby-jeebies, but I can't stop watching!)

Do you love Lana Del Rey? Are you over her? Did you even like her to begin with? 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Best Friend Fun & Lots of Unnecessary Rambling


Colby and I recently spent some (very much needed) best friend time together, and spent our day at Silver Dollar City. In case you don't know what SDC is, I'll just tell you - it's the greatest place ever (besides Disney World, but that's on a whole different level!). SDC is an 1800's themed amusement park. The 1800's! I am not joking - it's the coolest place ever. I gave a speech on the park for my public speaking class last semester because I'm that into it. 
Honestly, the whole place is ultra cheesy, but it's good "fall-ish" fun. Colby and I chose the perfect day to go - there were literally NO people there, and the people that were there were all old, so they weren't riding the roller coasters, so the wait times were super short. We had SO much fun. 
Blake got me a season pass a few months back and I've been itching to use it. Now that the weather is cooling off, I can see many more trips to Silver Dollar City in the future! :) 

In other news, I've been spending my days packing for the move. Moving has been really stressful on me lately (isn't it stressful no matter what?) so I'm thankful for my downtime today to just relax, read junk books (50 Shades..what?) and watch junk tv (I've discovered that the Kardashians and I have the same cups from Target. Also, how is Khloe Kardashian's wedding ring THAT big?). 
I'm in the middle of creating a list of things I want to do while Claire is in town this weekend... I'm getting really excited to have her back in Springfield for a few days! We're going wedding dress shopping on Friday... my nerves are out of control!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Packing up.

My current apartment's lease ends at the end of this month. I can't believe it's already time to move! I've been so blessed for my first roommate to be Anna (and her husband Isaac!). But, alas, it's time to bid farewell to my favorite place in the world and move to the south side of town! I'll be moving into my boss's house soon, and I'm so excited to only have to walk upstairs to go to work, as opposed to driving 30 minutes! I'll live there until Blake and I get married (and I already have the perfect apartment in mind for when that time comes!) 
 We've certainly had some great times at this apartment! It's hard to believe that nearly a year has gone by since we moved in (or that I've been living on my own for over a year. Time flies)! I'm super excited to be move, though, and live on a completely different side of town. It will definitely be weird not living close to downtown, or a 5 minute walk to the movie theater or our favorite restaurants. But, as sad as I am that I'll be a 20 minute drive away from all the fun that happens downtown, I'll be less than 10 minutes from Chick-fil-a.
There's always a silver lining.

Instagram Style

  If you followed Elizabeth Haley, you probably knew that I would get in the habit of doing "outfit posts" for a while. I really enjoyed doing that, even though I'm no style expert (at all). Lately, I've ditched the real camera and replaced it with my iphone when it comes to taking photos of my outfits. Instagram usually gets it's fair share of my outfit posts these days, so I may pop in every now and then with some Instagram outfits I've posted. For starters, here's what I've been wearing to work at Red Velvet on Saturdays! (with the exception of the 3rd photo, I wore that on a lazy Sunday afternoon!)

I'm thinking I might get back into doing 'real' outfit photos. Everything about this new blog is still undecided... we'll see how that goes!

Welcome ♥

Welcome to my brand new space, Mushaboom!
I have been wanting to do this for a very long time, but never had the time (nor wanted to put the effort into it, but now seemed like the perfect time to jump in and just do it.
Lately I've been feeling so burnt out on my old blog and stuck in a rut. Mushaboom won't be much different than Elizabeth Haley, but it's just a fresh new space with no links back to old posts, no previous posts from two years ago, etc. I think I just needed to start over.

That said, maybe I should explain how I came to choose the blog's namesake.
Mushaboom, by Feist, is one of my favorite songs e.v.e.r. My junior year in high school, I took a creative writing class and one of the assignments was to play one of our favorite songs; I chose Mushaboom. I've just had strong attachments to this song for years! I think the song represents my life at this moment very well. I'm not very good at explaining things myself, so I'll just let the song do the talking for me. :) Enjoy, and welcome to my new space!

Mushaboom by Feist on Grooveshark