Monday, October 14, 2013


1. I bought an Alice in Wonderland tea press + Mad Tea Party loose leaf tea while at Disney World. I finally got to try it a few days ago and HOLY YUM. I usually stick to earl grey or green tea, but I should've ventured into the world of sweetly flavored teas a long time ago!
2. I snapped this while making said tea, the other day. Blake and I were having a rather quiet Wednesday morning before he had to go to work (and before I talked my dad into bringing me Sonic for lunch...). Blake and I always have Mondays off together, and he doesn't go into work on Wednesdays until 11 - I'm really enjoying this time together! ...Ask me again when we've been married for a little bit longer. ;)
3. I didn't shower until 2pm on Wednesday and it was GLORIOUS. Crazy hair is the hottest thing right now, right?!
4. I keep making changes to our living room; I'm never happy with the set up! We no longer have a TV in the living room now (it's in our bedroom), but I think I like it that way. Our couch originally was in one piece facing the fireplace, but this set up is so much more inviting, in my opinion - what are your opinions?! We also ordered this chair, as well - can't wait to get it and put it together! Eeee!

Sigh, I'm in love with our home. Of course, none of my stuff is quite moved in just yet. We still have a bunch of furniture of mine to move over. We're running out of space!
Speaking of space...
This is our bathroom situation. I refuse to show the other half because it's just not that great right now. BUT we have a serious space problem! I'm trying to find the "perfect" shelves (I'm beginning to think perfect shelves don't exist, but you know me...) to hang on the wall, to fill with baskets and store towels and other necessary items, but I just haven't found what I'm looking for. Plus I hate spending money. So that's a big problem... 
We literally have zero storage in our bathroom. Not even a cabinet under the sink or behind the mirror. It kind of SUCKS. Here's my temporary solution. Thoughts? I bought a cheap shoe rack from Target and a few little boxes to stick hand towels and wash cloths in and then just folded towels (also, don't judge me for the issues of People magazine I have stacked in there...We all have our guilty pleasures! I just happen to really like keeping up with those darn Kardashians). I'm just so bad about making this place feel homey sometimes. Needing any and all advice!
(ps, holy grainy photo! Sorry about that one.)


  1. I definitely am a sucker for People magazine too. :) No judgment here! Your house looks great! Even the little bathroom I am impressed with. Have you checked out Ikea? They always seem to have space savers--cheap too!

    When I went to Disneyworld I bought a mad hatter ceramic mug that I love! I use it all the time and get so many compliments on it. :)

    1. I have checked Ikea! I haven't really spent time *looking* but I'm carving out some time tomorrow to really look around! I just wish we had one in Springfield because shipping prices are outrageous!

  2. i adore your couches and the pattern! i too like a living room better without a tv :) your coffee table is amazing too! that solution for the bathroom isn't so bad! i recently got shelves at ikea that are a little industrial looking - exactly what we were going for to balance out our rustic things and they were very affordable!