Saturday, October 12, 2013

Married life.

I'm married!

It never really hit me that I'm a married woman now until a few days ago when I was just driving the kiddos to their after school activities and all of a sudden, I was just like, "WHOA. I'm married." I've been thinking of "being married" since I was able to think real thoughts, pretty much, and after a few false alarms (hey, what can I say, I just really wanted to get married when I was a teenager. That's not weird or anything......), it just doesn't even feel real!

My dad and I text a lot - probably more so now that I'm married! He texted me the other day asking if it felt any different, or if I like being married.
I wish I could say that yes, I feel SO married and things are so different! But no. Things aren't different at all! ...And I don't feel like I've been married long enough to feel married. (Does one ever feel married? File under life's serious questions.)

I guess the one time I've felt married so far, was when my alarm went off at 5:50 am to get ready for work, and Blake offered to get up and make me breakfast and coffee while I got ready. I definitely had to stop for a second and take it all in - I'm married. I have someone that I live with. Someone who will make me breakfast when I don't want to (like this morning, for example)!
It's a weird feeling, and as of right now, it still just feels like we're playing house. It still feels like, at any moment, he's going to say, "okay, you have to go back to your apartment now." Or that our parents will come over and say, "you can't sleep in the same room!"
So, I guess while I don't feel married just yet, it is a strange feeling to know that this is a forever thing. That this living arrangement is real and won't end anytime soon.

Did you feel married right off the bat?
I'm not feeling it just yet...  But all of these mornings spent eating breakfast together, laying on the couch watching reruns of Parks and Recreation, and ordering Jimmy Johns to deliver to our apartment*, I'm enjoying every minute of this thing called marriage. It's been a party so far, for sure!


*Yes, we get Jimmy Johns delivered to us. Even though the nearest Jimmy Johns is a two minute walk from our apartment. (True story: we ordered Jimmy Johns the other night and the guy walked to our apartment to deliver it to us...we probably look like the laziest people in the history of the universe).


  1. Hehe! I love this so very much. You two are precious!

  2. I loveeee Jimmy John's but am sadly outside the delivery area. Dangit!

    After I got married I remember having those same feelings, like wait... is this allowed? This is OUR home? We get to live together?! It's such an awesome unreal feeling. It's the best.

    It is strange though going to your parents' or in-laws' houses and staying the night, and sleeping in the same bed. We were never "allowed" to do that so it's still kind of strange!

    1. "Is this allowed?" YES! I feel that way all the time! We live in the same city as our parents, so I'm not sure we'll ever have a chance to sleep over at their house until the holidays.. so yes, that will be extremely strange!

  3. I definitely still have moments where I just stop dead in my tracks and think, "Holy &%$!, I'm MARRIED." They're actually kinda fun, so I hope they never go away completely....:)

  4. This is adorable! I'm still in my first year of marriage, so I can totally relate. I say all the time that it feels like we're just "playing house" EXCEPT IT'S REAL LIFE. So, so cool :)

    And I totally agree with the comment about sleeping in the same bed at your parents' or in-laws' house... super scandalous ;)

    1. Congrats on your first year! Married life is weird but so fun!

  5. we got married back in may and i have to say that i don't feel any different either! we are coming up on six months of being married and nothing has changed. but we've also been together for over six year and lived together for five years. let me know if you think yours will start to change!