Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Disneymoon Pt. 1

I feel SO incredibly dorky calling my honeymoon a "Disneymoon," but let's be honest - that's exactly what it is, and I have no reason to be ashamed. Right? Right. So, moving on!
Our honeymoon was so much fun! We didn't bring a camera along at all, so we only had our phones. At one point, we contemplated getting a disposable (I love the mystery of developing film so, so much!), but never bought one. So, as a general disclaimer, all of these photos were taken on either mine or Blake's phone, and a good chunk were uploaded to Instagram. Although! I did save some for blog purposes. And I'm splitting this up into two parts. Because no one needs to see THAT much Disney in one post, am I right?

Our resort was incredible! We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge (something so uncharacteristic for the non-outdoorsy folks that Blake and I happen to be). Upon check in, we were upgraded to this view from our balcony! It was gorgeous; we could see the lake, the water/light parade in the evenings, and we were this close to being able to see Magic Kingdom's fireworks from our balcony. We could see the reflection from some room's windows, though! I would definitely recommend WL to y'all!
Each resort has a signature breakfast, and ours happened to be waffles. And they were in the shape of Mickey heads. And they were so fluffy and light! I wish I could eat like this every day and not gain a million pounds because YUM.
On our first full day, we had intentions of spending all day in Epcot. We found out real fast that if you don't spend time doing every. little. thing in each country, you can get through the park within a couple of hours. We had lunch at the Rose and Crown Pub in the United Kingdom section - it was incredible! I had fish and chips (because..um, duh), and Blake had the Bangers and Mash. Both were so yummy! At the end of our meal, they gave us a signed menu from all of the employees (who are all native to the UK!), that said "Happy Honeymoon" .. it was just so cute! Anyway. After getting through Epcot, we ended up taking forever long naps then heading to Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. It was an extremely long day!
On Tuesday, we went to Magic Kingdom. Seriously, guys. That place is what dreams are made of! We had an 8:30 AM reservation for breakfast at Cinderella's Castle, so we were up bright and early to get ready and make our way over to the park. If you've never eaten at the castle (or even heard of the restaurant there!), it's pretty much the coolest experience ever - and Blake told me that it ended up being his favorite thing we did! Basically, when you walk in, they take you to a room where Cinderella is waiting for you. She talks to you for a bit, signs your autograph book (because we were total dorks and got autograph books for all the princesses to sign!), and takes a formal photo with you. It was like a freaking dream come true. We did this when I was 10, but I hardly remember it, so it was fun to experience it as an adult! After doing the photo, you go to the restaurant, order your food, etc. Blake and I both ordered the lobster and crab crepes. Holy yummy. I can't even. The only thing with this is that for an adult breakfast, it is a $50 meal. But I guess the silver lining in that is that you don't have to purchase the photo you take with Cinderella. You get a big folder that includes a 5x7 print of the castle, a 5x7 and a couple of 4x6 prints of you with Cinderella. But, let me tell you - it's worth every penny.
After eating, all of the princesses come out and go around to all the tables to talk, sign autographs, and take photos. All in that one meal, we got to meet Snow White, Ariel (!!!!), Jasmine and Aurora. Usually to meet princesses in the parks, you have to wait  in long lines just to take one photo, so it was so fun for them to come to our tables and talk to us for a couple of minutes! I am sad though; Belle wasn't one of the princesses we got to meet. In fact, I never even saw her at the parks! Crazy talk.
Blake ended up getting sick in the afternoon (it was SO hot outside, and the silly kid hadn't had any water all day.... only orange soda), so we went back to the resort, rested, and ended up canceling our dinner reservations (at a Lady and the Tramp themed restaurant! Insert a million sad faces here). We did, however, have dinner in our room while watching Modern Family all night. So it was still a good night!
^^^ you guys!! PIZZA PLANET IS REAL.
Wednesday was probably the most fun we had! We went to Hollywood Studios, which is my favorite park. It's very "old hollywood" themed, and if you know me, that is RIGHT up my alley. This park is split into a bunch of little hidden sections, which makes it feel huge. There's the old hollywood section, which has a bunch of shops and the Tower of Terror (which, if you know about that ride - it's set up like an old hotel from the 30's that is now haunted... can you say best thing ever?!). There's another section that is completely dedicated to Pixar (which was mostly just Toy Story stuff). My favorite spot was the Studio Backlot, which is basically just a long road that looks like the streets of Manhattan. Sigh, Disney speaks right to my heart. 
We ate at the 50's Prime Time Cafe on Wednesday (and Pizza Planet on Friday). OMG. 50's Prime Time Cafe was like living in the 50's. The waiters and waitresses are called "mom" and "dad" and when passing by your table will gripe at you like momma's do. We heard "get your elbows off the table" many times, and I was afraid we'd get in trouble for having our phones out at the table! The coolest thing was probably that the dessert "menu" is in a ViewMaster! It was fun to flip through the photos of desserts! (Blake picked the s'mores and they were incredible!)

Okay. So I feel like I've talked enough about the trip... so that's it for now! 
Tomorrow will be the last half of the trip which includes the Halloween party at Magic Kingdom! Psssst: Jack Skellington and Sally were there. :) 


  1. Ahhhhh! How cute! I can't wait to visit one day. You can be my tour guide. ;)

  2. I loveeee all things Disney! And honeymoons!! Can't wait to hear about the rest of it. :)

  3. I live in Orlando and have visited the parks a few times with friends that work there and it's so cute to see I through the eyes of someone doing it right like getting the princesses autographs! I have never been to that 50s dinner but I sure do want to go now!

  4. One of my students was wearing a Tower of Terror shirt today..........and we discussed how it was our favorite ride! Ha!