Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Little Things

Life is settling into routine; Blake and I are figuring out our weekly schedules and how to make them work together. As things slow down and we get familiar with our new life, I have to force myself to stop and notice all the little things that make life so great. Don't get me wrong - even when things feel like they can't get any worse, life is still good. But right now? When married life is still so new and exciting? Things are great, and I'm content. I'm happy. It's all in the little details of life. 
Our Monday breakfast dates, watching Law and Order before going to sleep, sweet talking Blake into making breakfast for me. I love all of this. 
^^This is the "Ariel pose." After meeting Ariel a few times in Disney, we have perfected the pose, I'd say. ;) 
^^Real things that adults do on a Saturday afternoon, right? & someone mentioned on IG that the fork is his arm.... I lol'd quite a bit over that one.
Last night, Blake and I took Chloe to dinner at the Aviary (or, as we told her, breakfast for dinner), and then we saw The Little Mermaid at the Little Theatre. It was so much fun! And Chloe was just in awe of everything. Blake and I have done things like this before with the kids - once taking Hannah to see Beauty and the Beast, and once taking Chloe to see Mulan. It's just so fun to see their little faces light up when their favorite princess walks onto the stage. It makes me so excited to have our own children to do special things with. And seeing Blake carry a sleepy Chloe back to the car wasn't too bad either. He's going to be a great dad. <3 Sigh. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 


  1. There's nothing like watching your guy act all paternal. I feel like I walk around with hearts over my head after I see Tyler with Brylee. <3

  2. Married life is the best! (And so are toaster strudles. :)