Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Details and other such things

Ah, here we are again! We got all of the wedding photos back and I'm SO excited to share more with you! 
Let's be honest for a sec - all while planning this wedding, I was freaked out over details. If I would get them done in time, if it all would mesh well together, etc, etc. Jess can tell you all about the emails where I was worried over this junk. Anyway - my mom helped out a TON, and during set up, I barely had to do anything! Actually, let me rephrase. I didn't do anything. My bridesmaids, my parents, Blake's parents... they did everything while I moved from chair to chair hyperventilating. So... I owe it all to them. Everything turned out perfectly! 

^^This is one of my favorite things! Credit to my momma for this one, who found Disney coloring sheets the night before the wedding! And I'm pretty sure it was a hit with the kiddos! 
^^ notice the "to Haley" she wrote on it.. melt my heart!
^^ we did mix CDs as favors. My mom lovingly handstitched the CD sleeves... all 100 of them by herself! I burned all the CDs (and included the playlist at the end of this post! Yay!)
 I found the blank CDs via Verbatim, and it was the best purchase we made for the wedding, I'm pretty sure... 
^^My mom also made all of these programs! I assisted a tiny bit with the printing, but other than that, she put them all together. And my dad helped with stuffing the envelopes with lavender. Such great folks I have.
^^ our cake was homemade by a family friend, and the cake toppers were from Katie! We have such talented friends - the little bride and groom owls are proudly displayed on our record shelf now! 

I stressed and stressed and stressed over this wedding. I had such a specific vision for our wedding, and I was so nervous that I couldn't pull it off. Honestly, it wouldn't have turned out so beautiful had it not been for all of the fantastic help I had from my friends and family. Love you guys!

thank you Elise for the fab photos! Seriously, these are the photos dreams are made of! 


  1. I love all these little details. Even despite the stressed emails, I knew it would be gorgeous. You're so creative and have such great taste. Absolutely lovely.

  2. Gorgeous! I am totally in love with the CDs - I have a collection of LPs (love me some vinyl!) and I've wanted to give out CDs as favors for a while, because I totally have half my wedding playlist done (and, well, half the wedding - now if only the groom would show up we could get this party started...). I love the programs and the envelopes with the lavender too!

    (no, I'm serious, my groom needs to hurry the heck up, I want to get this party started while I still remember ideas like this!)

  3. All of your details are amazing!! So gorgeous!