Thursday, October 31, 2013

We did things a little different for our wedding. We had dinner prior to the ceremony! When I first heard the idea, I was like, "YES. Let's do it!" I was all gung-ho for it until about a week before the wedding when I was like, "WORST IDEA EVER." Well, as it turns out... it was a great idea! Having dinner beforehand actually helped with my nerves. I was able to eat a tiny bit of food, and hang out with some of the guests before slipping away to get ready for the ceremony.
 ^^We totally had a "meat carving station." Whatever that is. But as you walked through the line, my dad's BBQ pal hand carved tri-tip personally for you! It was a fun little touch.. and pretty cool! 
It was fun to be able to just hang out with our friends and have a few calm moments. The menu consisted of tri-tip, roasted potatoes, fresh green beans (my favorite!) and homemade rolls. I actually ate very little of that, but what I had was yummy! My dad's BBQ team made the food and they rocked it. They've been doing more and more weddings and events lately.. I'm happy for them! <3

Thanks for looking! Excited to share the ceremony on Monday!

(as always, thank you Elise for the photos. I treasure them more than you know!)

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