Sunday, February 23, 2014


01 / / This weekend has been rather refreshing. I spent it at a little bed and breakfast (it's a 40 minute drive from my apartment, so it's juuust far enough away feel like I'm 'away'). We've crafted pretty much 24/7 and don't even get me started on all the food we've eaten! The guy who runs the B&B works SO hard to create the most perfect dish for each meal. Also, the bed pictured above is incredible and I would take it home if I could.

02 / / I took a mini break from scrapbooking to really relax. I took the longest, hottest bath of my life while I propped my laptop up on the vanity next to the tub and watched Amelie. I sipped on a soda and just let myself chill out for a little while. It was absolutely wonderful. I think I need to do this once a week. Yes.

03 / / Being here makes me want to come back so bad with Blake! We've discussed just doing a weekend away sometime soon since our schedules are so busy throughout the week. We desperately just need to take off from work sometime to just be together. Doing nothing but just hanging out with each other. There are some weeks that just zoom on by and I feel like I've barely spent any time with Blake. It's hard.

04 / / I've been working on a couple of posts, not as personal as my last, but there are still a lot of aspects of sexual purity that I'd like to expand on and really talk about here. Working on it. Slowly but surely.

Happy Sunday!
The weather was so fantastic this past week that I'm dreading the temps being in the 40's this coming week. Spring, are you on your way yet?!

xo H

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! Glad you got some time to relax. :)