Sunday, March 2, 2014


01 / / It's been an entire week since I posted here! What in the what. Trying to not let that happen very often, because I truly love popping in here often and just writing. Buuuut. I've been writing every day anyway (attempting to write a "book", ya know), so I guess it doesn't matter where I write, as long as I'm writing..?

02 / / I've been following the Weight Watchers plan lately - not so much to lose weight but to instill healthier eating habits for myself. Lately I've noticed myself snacking so much during the day and I was snacking on a ton of junk. So, losing weight would be a fantastic side effect (because duh) but I'm trying to not make that my main focus.

03 / / Speaking of Weight Watchers! Church was cancelled so we had the morning to just kind of lay around and do nothing, so we decided to make waffles with our Mickey Mouse waffle iron (the best wedding gift!). We found a good WW recipe, so all in all - fruit, whipped cream, everything - this meal was around 8 points. Not bad for a seemingly indulgent breakfast! We are planning on homemade tostadas for lunch and my dad's chicken noodle soup recipe for dinner (which, I added up everything, and a 1-cup serving of the soup is 5 points, in case you were wondering). Yum! So much good food on this snowy day at home!

04 / / I'm sorting through my clothes and am going to MAJORLY overhaul my closet. I'm looking to get rid of a BUNCH of stuff (my closet is filled to the brim, to the point where clean clothes sit in the basket until I am ready to wear them because there's no room to hang them up!). SO if you live in the area, or are interested in an IG sale (even though, UGH, I hate those things), let me know and I'll send some clothes your way! (I know Jess wants to dig through my stash! ;) )

05 / / My March playlist is coming soon! It's a big mix of everything that I've been listening to, new and old. I'm excited about it! <3

Happy Sunday! Stay safe and warm in this snowy weather!
xo Haley

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  1. Haha, you know it! ;) I've bought a few things from IG sales before; I don't mind them unless it's the bidding kind. Gah, those are annoying/frustrating. I just got rid of a ton of stuff not too long ago and thought about doing that, but I ended up donating it because it just seemed like so much effort. But hey, tax write-off. ;)

    I'm working on eating healthier too; I'm just so TIRED all the time, and I know it's because I just eat total crap. There have been weekend mornings where I have eaten chips for breakfast. CHIPS. I mean, get it together, Jess!