Tuesday, February 11, 2014

iPhone Dump.

1. I put together Valentine's surprise boxes for a few sweet gals that I'm pals with on IG. I'm so excited for them to receive them (which will probably arrive AFTER V-Day of course... Ugh, my procrastination skills are killer). 2. We've been saving our monies to go back to Disney World for Christmas this year. Happy to report that our room is now officially booked and we are 100% going - first weekend of December (which is the exact weekend they are filming the Christmas parade. Are we crazy? I think yes). 3. Steak & Shake dates are the best. And their new red velvet milkshake is a big NO. 4. Walt loves the Drive soundtrack. 5. I rearranged our living room (and so happy with it!), but Walt is just so unsure of it. He keeps walking around very slowly like's he's never been in the room before. 6. No caption necessary. Just bask in the cuteness of my cat. ;) 7. Friday night, I made homemade chicken noodle soup (recipe coming soon!), and we watched a totally 90's movie (The Paper - so good!), and then started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We must be super old because we both passed out half way through. 8. My scissor necklace is the best thing to wear to work. Jack always takes it (while I'm still wearing it) and holds it to my nose and says "I'm gonna cut your nose off, snip snip snip!!" It's absolutely the most precious thing ever.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love your love for Disney! I need a trip there soon!! I have a serious itch to go!

  2. Um, let's talk about procrastination. Every other year for V-day, I've made something really creative and personal for Tyler way in advance. This year, it's two days before and I'm like, "Just tell me what to buy you because I don't even know." Haha. Honestly, I haven't even bought a card yet. And as far as other people? Yeah, not even. I'm SO not with it!

    Also, I just love that you guys are going back to Disney. <3