Wednesday, February 19, 2014

7/52 (a little late)

01 / / I totally dropped the ball on this! I actually, legitimately forgot. In all honesty... I can't even remember what I did Sunday. So uh, that's weird? So this is a photo from last week (that I also posted on IG). Valentine's Day was such a dark, dreary day. But Starbucks was buy one get one, so two lattes cost me $4. And I got back to work to find the most beautiful roses waiting for me! Blake is the most thoughtful guy I know. He sets the bar pretty high! :)

02 / / I'm preparing for my scrapbook 'retreat' this weekend! I've got everything packed up and ready to go. I even bought one of those (cool?) organization craft-tool bags. My mom says I'm "official." I'll be sharing more about their Secret Sister tradition and the gifts I made for my secret sister after this weekend - it's pretty fun! (We had to do 6 gifts for the whole weekend, I'm pretty proud of what I came up with!)

03 / / Our kitty cat has been sleeping in our bed every night for the past few weeks. Always on Mom's side of the bed, never Dad's. WHY, LIFE? WHY.

04 / / So, as you may know, Blake and I booked our Disney Christmas trip (we are going the second week of December.. and we arrive on the day they film the Christmas parade for ABC... are we crazy? Probably.)! We are so excited, we talk about it nonstop! I think out of everything we are most excited about, it's the Magic Bands. Magic Bands are a new piece of technology that Disney has been testing out over the past few months with select guests. I think that it's pretty well out of the testing phase so all guests are able to use them now. But anyway, Magic Bands are little wristbands you wear during your trip that hold ALL of your vacation info - room reservations & room key, dining reservations, tickets into the park, credit card to make purchases... All with the little magnetic strip inside it! All you have to do is scan it, put in your designated PIN number and you're good to go! How crazy is that?!
All in all, we are feeling extremely blessed to be in a place where we are able to go on a trip like this. We have talked and talked about going back to Disney before we have kids, and NO, we are not having kids anytime soon, the opportunity to go back to Disney just came up a lot sooner than we had anticipated. ;)

Happy Wednesday! <3


  1. What resort will you be staying at in WDW? My husband and I got to test the bands last September and they were amazing! Changed our whole trip experience! Pinking our FPs days in advance or right at the parks was awesome and since everything is on the band we almost never had to bring anything into the parks!

    1. We are just staying at an All Star resort this time around! We stayed at Wilderness Lodge during our honeymoon in September/October. We didn't get to test the bands, though! My boss's family went a week after us and had the bands, though!
      I'm SO excited about the idea of not having anything to carry in the parks, though! Not that I ever really did though, if we had any bags, Blake always carried them. ;)

  2. I hope you have a great trip! I am seriously hoping for a Disney trip soon. Probably Disneyland though since it's closer therefore cheaper.