Sunday, September 22, 2013

A bachelorette party fit for a Disney Princess.

Let me tell you - I have the greatest friends in the world. Last night, my friends threw me the most Haley-esque bachelorette party. There were cupcakes, a beautiful girly fort, and lots of giggling late into the night. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening! Sadly, we didn't get a single group shot! Colby even brought his "real" camera and a tripod to do the fancy self timer shots, but that didn't happen once! It was so funny, though, as soon as we walked into the apartment, they had the living room doors closed (my pocket doors that I love so much!), and kept saying we had to hurry because we were on a "timer." Turns out, they wanted to make sure that "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella was playing when I saw the fort; my friends just get me, you know? ;) 
 A good old before & after. Note to self: take makeup before going to bed. 
We had dinner at Nonna's (mine and Colby's favorite restaurant!), and stopped at the grocery store for snacks (Blake doesn't keep the kitchen stocked, apparently!), before we headed back to the apartment. We stayed up WAY too late talking and laughing too loud. :) 
I'm incredibly blessed to have such great friends. Colby and Breigh set everything up while Ashley and Morgan (Blake's cousins!) picked me up. We missed having Cassie and Claire there, and another friend from high school that doesn't live in Springfield anymore. I'm glad that we'll all be together at the wedding this weekend (!!!), with the exception of Cassie, who won't be home from LA until Christmas! I miss her so much and would give absolutely anything for her to be here for my wedding day. But she's doing great things in Los Angeles and I couldn't be more proud of that gal! (Love you, Cass!) Anywho - we had a great time. It was so perfectly fitting for my personality. The typical bachelorette festivities are so not my thing... I'm grateful for friends that understand that! 

So... I'm getting married this week! I'm freaking out, I'm beyond excited, I'm having bad dreams on an every night basis, and I couldn't be more ready. 17 months is far too long for an engagement! But, the end is in sight, and I'll be Mrs. Tucker by the end of this week. Thank you for following this (long) journey (that began on my old blog!). I appreciate every single thoughtful (and helpful!) comment. I am so, so grateful for this life I have been given - I'm truly blessed! <3


  1. Could this be more perfect?! I'm just so stinkin' excited for you!

  2. This is so amazing!!!! I LOVEEEE the fort and the song! So you, and so me too! Maybe we should be friends? Try and relax girl, soak up your last moments being a single lady... married life is great--but there's value in the pre-marriage days too. :)