Friday, September 6, 2013

Flashback Friday

Because, what better way to end the week than share really embarrassing photos of myself?
This is a real hairstyle that happened to me on a normal summer day. I'm just... not sure what to say.
I have a few notes to make about the photos above.
*I was really tan at one point in my life. And at another point, really, extremely pale. Like, paper white.
*The photo of the ridiculously curled hair was taken on my 16th birthday. I was just a young'n that didn't know how to fix my own hair... ;)
*The mirror selfie pic? That, my friends, is the version of Haley that Blake first met. He now prefers my hair either that length, or with ombre. Sigh.
*The photo of me & Breigh? Why, yes. Our teenage years were difficult for us. Why do you ask? (Was it the matching haircut? Did that tell you something??)

My, my. I should do this more often. It's quite fun!
If you have an embarrassing photos, I sure would love to see them... :)
xo Haley

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