Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life is changing.

On Sunday, my home church threw a small shower for myself & Blake, as well as my brother and his wife (who married in June). After the shower, Blake and I went over to his apartment to put all of our pretty new things away. As we were setting everything up, Blake just stopped and hugged me. He just held me for a few moments while telling me how much he loved me; how, in a matter of days, I'll be his wife. It's just so real now. 
Breigh mentioned a few weeks ago that in the midst of planning all of our fake weddings throughout the years, a real one snuck up with us. I have no words, really. We've been engaged for 17 months now... and at times, it felt as if September would never come - as if the single digit countdown would never arrive. And yet, here we are! Thursday will mark 9 days! SINGLE DIGITS! Can you believe it? I think I'm just becoming overwhelmed with the idea that it is so close. After all, it's been 17 months since he popped the question! Anywho - here are some photos! 
1. Our pretty new bed! First of all, it's a full size bed. It was his mom's bed growing up, and Blake's bed growing up, as well. We'll upgrade in the future, but for the mean time... no personal space, woo! The quilt is absolutely gorgeous (it was a gift from my future cousins, aunt and sister in law from this Etsy shop), and I'm working so hard to make our bedroom a cozy, inviting environment. I can do living rooms and kitchens, no problem. But bedrooms just aren't my forte!
2. Okay. So we received THREE of the same Anthropologie tea towels! They are the cutest, and I treasure each one, as they are each from special people, but three is a lot to have of the same item. ;)
3. A living room in progress. And, uh, apparently something was not closed in our fireplace the other night and a BAT GOT IN. No joke! Blake came home, and a bat was flying around! Luckily, management took care of it, and hopefully no bat babies have been made in this apartment. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS.
4. The dishes? Those are from Target. I'm not joking, Target's Threshold line has had those dishes since forever and I've had my eye on them since, oh, forever. I prayed every time I passed that aisle at Target that they'd still carry that line when it was time for me to get married. Well, I guess all that praying in Target paid off, because now I have my very own set! So excited to invite friends over for dinner now!
5. I've been working on different signs to put around the venue and let me just say - THIS IS MUCH HARDER THAN IT SEEMS. I do realize, I did not have the best wood to work with, so it was really rough and bumpy. But geez, this "Mrs" sign (and another for "Mr," duh) took way longer than it should have! And apparently, the wood my mom gave me dates back to the early 1900s..? I'm not sure how valid that information is, but okay.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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  1. Those towels are so cute! And those dishes--can't believe they are from Target! They are awesome! Congrats girl--I remember the anticipation before the wedding. Soak it up and enjoy every second. :)