Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life : Beautiful, vol. ii

I've mentioned the magazine Life: Beautiful before, but I thought I'd talk about it some more (because I know you want to hear about it!) This is, by far, my favorite magazine to pick up when I go to Barnes and Noble. I might as well subscribe to it! But I just love going into a bookstore and seeing if the newest issue is in stock yet (that is the best part about bookstores and magazines!). As I mentioned the last time I wrote about this magazine, it's like Real Simple magazine for Christian gals. It's probably the greatest thing ever!
Each issue is packed with Biblical insight, amazing articles about world missions, and monthly studies to do. Every issue also includes an article by Joyce Meyer (I know, I know, she's not everyone's cup of tea, but she's my homegirl!), Dave Ramsey and Biblical answers to marital problems and raising children. I mean, I may not be quite to the latter, but the more you know, right?!

 In addition to all of that, each issue comes with the most beautiful photos. This month's issue had yummy looking recipes and articles on hosting guests in your home, and what the Bible says about hosting people in your home and at parties. There was a fantastic article on the difference between the Old and New Testaments. To me, the difference has always been pretty clear cut: the Old Testament reflects the world that God created, and the rules His people had to abide by to be in His favor. The New Testament reflects the coming of Christ and how His bloodshed redeems our sin, no matter what rules we break. Anyway, it was a great article that provided a refreshing take on the two sections!

Seriously, though. Check this magazine out! I know they carry it at Barnes and Noble, and if you go online, you can order back issues! The only bummer about it is that there are only 4 issues a year. Sad face! But it's well worth it. One issue can last you a few months, for sure! Also! Be sure to keep a check on their website, as they are relaunching the site and a new blog next month!

Sigh. I just love this magazine. As if that wasn't evident enough. ;)


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