Monday, August 26, 2013


1. Gettin' work DONE. On Saturday I got cracking on my to-do list while working on the wedding favors. Tiresome work, I tell you! I have list after list after list of things to do for this wedding (um, 33 days to go. When did that happen?!). Right now, it seems as if the list never goes away: as soon as one thing is crossed off, another thing has to be added. I'm almost excited to be done with all of this nonsense. (Yes, this is all complete nonsense. Engaged people, JUST ELOPE.)
2. I woke up early to go over to Blake's and make him breakfast. It was a "recipe" I found on Pinterest. Easy as pie until I realized we do not have a toaster, nor did we have any cookie sheets to put the english muffins on when they needed to go in the oven. We had to get creative on that one.
3. My "Hello, I'm from Missouri" shirt is probably my favorite right now. I got it at 5 Pound Apparel in Springfield, and it took a lot of internal warring with myself to only buy one t-shirt. All of their Springfield related designs are the best!
4. On Saturday, I decided to be creative and do something with a random doorway in our kitchen that has been covered. I ended up with this idea (duh, something I saw on Pinterest), and I'm really liking it. I'll probably change things out every now and then. But can we just talk about how perfect the Anthro "T" is on the wall?! I had it on our mantle at first, but I like it even better here!
5. My study on "A Ready Heart" is still going strong! Well, not strong, because I missed last week and am trying to make up for that this week. But you know. I'm enjoying it! It's just crazy that we are *this* close to the wedding. In fact, I got a text from our pastor today that it was time to meet up and discuss the ceremony! I'm kind of freaking out, but in an excited way.

That's all I got today.
I need to clean (and pack) my apartment in the worst way, but I ended up working for a little while and now I'm laying in bed procrastinating. Mondays are the worst for my to-do list. These are the days I end up watching Law & Order all day long. But I guess that's not such a bad thing, right? RIGHT?

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