Friday, August 23, 2013

 Blake is fully moved in! He's ecstatic about the move (much to his mother's dismay, I'm sure), and I'm pretty sure he's dreading the day that I'll move in... I think he's going to enjoy his last month of bachelorhood! We've already butted heads about house things - not so much decor, but the way things works (coat racks are not for all of your cardigans! You don't use our brand new Anthropolgie tea towel to wipe your hands on!). I'm sure we'll be just fine, though. ;)
 This is... pretty much all we have in our apartment at the moment. Blake has never lived on his own before, so all he had to move was a couch, his bed, and the kitchen table. All the other stuff is at my apartment, where it will stay until I move (I don't know, something about living in a nearly unfurnished apartment bothers me!). So hopefully come October, I will have more interesting photos to share!
Blake and I made dinner (tortellini soup!) the other night with all of our brand new kitchen things... I think making a meal there made it feel much more like a home. Is that odd?
As things progress with the house, I will share here! (You know me, I love sharing photos of my living space....) I'm just super excited about all these huge changes that are happening! Things are getting very real, very fast!

A couple of side notes:
*Breigh is in the hospital again, she was admitted on Tuesday night. As far as I know, it is connected with her kidney disease; her magnesium and potassium levels were really low, causing her to keep throwing up her meds. Update: She's been released! She was released... and immediately went to the salon to get her hair dyed. #priorities
*I mentioned this on Instagram a couple of times, but my bff Cassie is finally starting to live her dream! She moved to LA at the end of May and has been working and auditioning since then. Well... On Saturday, she found out that she had gotten a part on the show Revenge for 2 episodes! It was just for a "featured extra" type of role, but it's a start, am I right?! They filmed the 2 episodes all day on Monday, and while filming she learned that she had gotten another small part on an episode of Workaholics! She filmed that yesterday. I'm waiting to hear more about those experiences! We talked to her mom at my shower on Sunday and she kept saying, "well, it's long hours for very little pay.." which is so true (and the life of that industry; I couldn't do it!), but it's a start, and we are so excited for her!
*I feel like I had another thing to mention, but apparently I don't. Have a good weekend!

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  1. the house is so cute! i'm excited to see what else you do with the place. i'm already loving that couch and can't wait to see what else you pair with it. also, so sorry to hear about breigh :(