Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This photo has nothing to do with anything in this post. It's actually like 3 years old. It's also the picture that almost always convinces me to cut all of my hair off. Which I want to do so bad... Talk me off the ledge!

Making: final preparations for the wedding, DIY-wise. At the moment, this means burning a million mix CD's for the favors. This is a never ending job and I just want it to go. away. Honestly, though, I feel like I haven't done a lot of DIY stuff for the wedding. My mom has, but it's been mostly favors and programs. I feel like there's so much more that I wanted to do, but now that I should actually be working on that stuff, I can't think of a single thing that I need to do. A little scary, but whatever doesn't get done... just won't get done. Ha!

Anticipating: this weekend! Going to the lake with Blake's family for the holiday weekend, I always love spending time with my future in-laws.

Reading: my bedside table is full of stacked "to-read" books. Currently on the in progress list is Sharp Objects by Gillain Flynn (my "for fun" book), Grace Based Parenting (my "I'm not having kids soon, but technically parenting is almost my job" book), and STILL The Five Love Languages (my "I have to finish this asap because I'm getting married in like 4 weeks" book). I don't know why I'm struggling with this one so much. Usually I devour books of the self-help genre. (Not that it's a self help book, but you know. Whatever.)

Listening to: at the moment, Hillsong United. But in general, I've been playing my "Autumn" playlist a bunch. (Um, YES, Jess. Seasons do have specific music!) It's full of Fleet Foxes, (old) Band of Horses, Joanna Newsom, First Aid Kit, The Dodos.... Sigh. I love music.

Thinking about: all the junk I have to do today. Oh, how I've been dreading today. I have put it off and put it off, but tomorrow is my only day left out of August to renew my license plates. Talk about procrastination, right? Not only that, but I'm switching the title into my name (from my dad's name), too. So I have to get it inspected (and add in an oil change as well, since I'm like a year and a half overdue for one), get a statement from the courthouse about taxes (or something... I don't really know, yet. Hashtag yikes), and then go to the DMV to get it licensed. Can we talk about the stress I'm feeling right now? Too much on my plate today!

Loving: well. I can't think of anything that I absolutely love at the moment, to be honest. But I'll tell you what I'm NOT loving. This weather. What the heck Missouri?? You tease me with beautiful 75 degree weather, then hit me with mid-90s all week?! I'm done with Summer. There, I said it. I'm done!

Hope you're having a wonderful week (and not getting annoyed with my Disney posts. Lord knows I need an outlet for my Disney knowledge).
ALSO. Can we talk about how I get married ONE month from today!? When the time slip by so fast?

xo Haley

PS! If you live in the Springfield area, check out High Street's Worship Night on September 6th! It's at 7pm. Blake is on the worship team, so I got to peek at the set list and holy omg, so many great songs! Stuff off of the newest Hillsong album Glorious Ruins, a few songs that are super popular at the Passion conferences, and *drumroll* Hillsong United's Oceans, from the new album Zion. My stars, that's a great song. Hope you can make it!


  1. Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks seasons have specific music! I swear, I'm much more normal than I think I am. Haha.

    I also feel a little bad about suggesting those cds as favors! :( But hey, just a month left and all that hard work & stress will come together. Your wedding is going to be amazing.

    Random notes: also super over this weather (give me cool days, falling leaves, and all the boots/sweaters/leggings please) AND you look super cute with short hair. Like, mega triple adorable.

    1. Hah! The CD's haven't been that bad, actually. We are doing a little less than 100. I originally intended to do exactly 100, but then I messed up a few, and don't care to order more CD's. So.
      Thanks for the sweet compliment! I love having short hair. And Blake loves it, too, since that's how my hair was when we first met (nearly 6 years ago!). And your hair? Giving me short hair fever! Is that a thing? I'm gonna say yes.