Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Newlywed Home Pt. II

You know how when you get so excited about something and it's like, "oh my gosh, this is really happening!" Then you realize that it actually won't happen for at least another month or two? Well, that roller coaster of emotions happened to me yesterday morning, and really - I'm still on that roller coaster.

Yesterday, Blake and I picked up the keys to our very first apartment together.
It was overwhelming, exciting, scary and overall, wonderful.
My dad pulled up right as we were finishing up all the paperwork, so we, of course, gave him the first tour of our new place. Unlocking the apartment doors for the first time brought such a rush of excitement and happiness that I can't even explain! Soon after, my dad left, and Blake had to leave so he could get to work, so I was left by myself. I kind of just stood there looking around, marveling at the pretty floors, the (nonworking) fireplace that I am so eager to decorate. (I then, of course, set out to take photos of everything. Because, I mean, my mom's gotta see it asap, am I right?!)

I went off to work at Red Velvet and was sitting there just thinking: Oh, hey. I'm not going to actually live there until October 5th. It kind of bummed me out, to be honest. I was so hyped up over getting the keys and the process of getting Blake moved in that I almost forgot that I wasn't moving in just yet. October seems so far away when I start *really* thinking about it! (But really, it's not. I mean, the wedding is 42 days away!)
BUT, I'm still excited - I know I'll be over there all the time, and Blake's going to let me decorate it even though I'm not living there quite yet (he's pretty sweet to me!).
So. Here it is! These are just a few quick snapshots I took!
 *My awesome boss got this as a housewarming gift for Blake. I think it's quite appropriate for Blake's personality. 

If we're being quite honest - I'm really picky when it comes to apartments. When I first moved out (with Anna!), our apartment was in a scary part of town. It was a small, but cozy apartment and if it hadn't been for crazy downstairs neighbors, we probably would've lived there for a while! When we moved to the Boonville, we became extremely spoiled with the amazing loft-style apartment (hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and piping, ginormous closets...sigh).
So, luckily, we were able to snag this apartment from the same management company. It came as a complete surprise to us that they were ripping out the carpet in the living room and kitchen because when we first toured it, it was all carpet  (and gross carpet, at that). So the hardwood floors were an unexpected, but wonderful addition to the space. I'm really excited to make this place *ours.* I have a feeling we'll be here a while. :)
(Also, there's a really great mirror on the closet door and I suspect that a lot of selfies will happen here. So.... sorry in advance. Ps. Can we talk about how long my hair is getting?! I think this is the longest it's ever been! pps. Short dress alert. #sorryboutit )

xo Haley

On an unrelated note: Congrats to my friends Krysta and Taylor on their engagement! I've never really known them as individuals, but as a couple. And let me tell you - never have I seen a more Christ-ordained couple than this one. What a blessing these two will be as a married couple. So happy for you guys! 

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  1. Your apartment is adorable!!! I love the special touches like the fireplace and the hardwood floors. Most of the apartments near me are all like identical no character places. I love yours!