Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 This past Sunday was my first wedding shower! It was held at a new tea room just outside of Springfield, near my hometown. My closest family and friends from my hometown were invited, and it was a small, yet fun little party! Morgan (Blake's cousin/my bridesmaid) and Breigh (maid of honor) teamed up for this one, and it was so perfect! To make it all the more perfect, Claire decided last minute that she would make the 4 hour drive to arrive just in time! She ended up staying the night with me, so we could keep our tradition of breakfast at Gailey's before she heads home. I sure do love time spent with these gals. (Only one missing out of the bridal party here is Colby - poor guy had to work.)
No one really thought to grab a "real camera," so all of these are iphone shots that I nabbed from Claire and Blake's mom, Tammie.
(Breigh and I were really emotional. Like, all day.)
(A few of the Tucker ladies; Blake's grandma, Morgan, and his mom.)
(A few of the ladies in my family! My mom, her mom, and her sisters. Oh, and Savannah, my sweet cousin!)

Blake and I received so many generous and thoughtful gifts over the weekend. I am a little awkward when it comes to being the attention of a bunch of people, and that is only multiplied when I am opening gifts in front of people (oh the awkward!).
But I am so grateful for all the people in my life that have loved and supported me - Blake and I are lucky to have such giving, loving people to call friends (and family).
With all the fun stuff we received, Blake and I made dinner at his apartment - we even used our brand new dishes (and oh my goodness, they are beautiful!). We are so thankful!

And thank you to you guys, who are so sweet to me. I appreciate the love you've shown me (and Blake) since our engagement. We are thankful for each and every comment, tweet, and email.

38 days to go!

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