Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My hair is pink.

So I dyed my hair pink.

Not all of it, obviously. But just the ends.
Pink hair is something I have ALWAYS wanted, but was never exactly brave enough to do. Half of my head has been blonde (why? I don't know) since... oh, Thanksgiving-ish. And naturally, with the wedding coming up (7 months!), I have been thinking about how I want my hair. I've decided it'll most likely be one color, and that one color will probably not be blonde (Blake rejoices!). So I wanted to do something fun before I bid farewell to the ombre. And I suppose pink was my answer. It's a bit on the dark, hot pink spectrum right now, but soon enough it'll fade into a bubblegum pink and it'll be perfect! The girls I nanny keep saying they love my pink hair and THEY can't wait to have pink hair (and they also want "stamps," aka tattoos... uh... no).

I told my dad before I did it and his one response was, "no, please don't do it, etc." So I decided not to tell my mom. Yikes. Hi mom! Don't kill me!

The pink won't last long because soon I'll need to start working on healthier hair (I've dyed it blonde a few too many times in the past year). But "pink hair" should be fun for the month of love, right?

Hashtag festive.

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