Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bachelor is my weakness.

Can we just hold up a sec, and talk about The Bachelor?

I am obsessed. YES, obsessed.
It all started during Brad Womack's (second) season, and Breigh made me watch a few clips. Then I decided I would catch up on the whole season, and now here we are.. 2 bachelors, and 2 bachelorettes later. I am what you would call... a reality tv freak.

I have never been one to just sit around and watch reality tv show. Give me a drama, a sitcom, anything except reality. But then The Bachelor came along... and oh, how my heart was stolen. The epic (and totally not real life) dating situations, the one evil person who always blames the editing, the cheesy and dramatic music during the rose ceremony. Oh, my heart. My heart. I can hardly take it... yet I keep watching. It's just THAT horrible and great at the same time.

Because I care so much (and I just needed to get this out of my system - so what better than to blog about it?) I thought I would give you all the rundown on how this season is going (for me).

SO Sean Lowe is Bachelor #17. He's a sweet guy, a little too sugary sweet for me, but he seems pretty genuine. The only thing I don't understand is how he quotes scripture, gives all the glory to God, then poses for People magazine wearing only a towel. But hey, I'm the one watching the trash tv, so I'm not one to throw stones.
This season is probably my favorite - he seems nice enough, doesn't seem to choose too much based on appearances, etc (I don't mean to be snarky here, but hey! An African American woman made it all the way to episode 5! I don't think that has EVER happened!)
The dates this season have been.. so-so. Repelling down a building, rock climbing, chugging goat's milk, shopping on Rodeo Drive... it's all pretty meh.
My thoughts on the laaadies (meaning, the ladies remaining as of right now, of course):

* Lindsay: She's from Fort Leondard Wood, MO which is a little less than 2 hours from Springfield, so I feel like I practically know this girl. She's a substitute teacher and lives on a military base. Not much to report here. She seems pretty sweet, but I don't know what exactly she has to offer Sean. She showed up on the first night wearing a wedding dress and it was CRAY.
*AshLee: First of all, I hate the way she spells her name. I know that she most likely didn't choose that, but still. She's an adult! She can change those things! Anyways - her date with the two disabled girls was THE cutest. She seemed so sweet and patient, but HOLY CRAP who wears short dresses and heels to a theme park? WTF, the producers could've nudged her in the right direction outfit wise!
*Catherine: I like her. We haven't seen too terribly much of her, but she's super small and adorable.
*Daniella: I don't know much about this girl either. She was an emotional mess at the rose ceremony a few nights ago. But my guess is that those were what I like to call Beer Tears. Honey, you're drunk.
*Desiree: Super cute! I see her going pretty far in the 'game.' She's totally down to earth, but still confident. I like her.
* Lesley: At this moment, I cannot recall who Lesley is. My apologies. OH WAIT. She's the girl who kissed Sean for 3.5 minutes on live television I believe. At least I think so.
* Sarah: I love this girl. She has one arm - and bless her heart, the producers obviously think that's the only thing that matters because they always zoom in on her arm when faced with a physical obstacle like milking a goat or competing in a roller derby. Poor girl. But I like her. And kudos to Sean for keeping her around, despite the obvious difficulties of her not having an arm. This is what makes him seem so sweet.
* Selma: The Iraqi that Sean took to the desert on a date. She won't kiss Sean out of respect to her family. DUDE. Kudos. Because all these other girls are kissing her man, you'd think she'd get real frustrated and just get over it! Sean super seems to be into it though...
* Tierra: OH TIERRA. Can we just stop a minute and talk about her? For real, this girl is legit insane. I always say, if a girl can't get along with other girls (and uses the excuse "girls are intimidated by me!!!1!!!") then she is not the gal for you, son! No one wants to marry someone like that! Catherine (I think, or maybe Des) was like, "you want to be with someone that you can have fun with around other people too" and it made total sense. Tierra would never be someone you take to a dinner with friends. She'd be hate-staring the other girls down! So scary. So awful . Tierrable.

I read Reality Steve's spoilers, so I know who 'wins.' Every season I tell myself that I want it to be a mystery and a surprise, but I always look up the spoilers. I'm so glad I did this season.

So. Do you watch The Bachelor? Did you even read this blog post?
I like to ramble about absolutely nothing of importance. Enjoy your day! ;)

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  1. HAAAA! Tierrable!?!?! My new favorite word. She is the devil.

    I cannnoootttt look at spoilers. I cannnooot.