Monday, February 25, 2013

My dad.

Last month, my mom attended a weekend retreat called Women's Encounter. From what I have heard about it, it seems like a very intense weekend: lots of studying the Bible, hearing testimonies, sharing testimonies, and leaving all of your hurt and burden on Jesus' cross.
After some urging from my mom and few of his friends, my dad finally decided to go to Men's Encounter this month.

Not that my dad isn't a great guy, because he's always been a fantastic dad and friend to me, but as the spiritual leader of our family - he was never that kind of guy. I now know that after this weekend, my dad will always be that Godly leader.
This weekend truly changed my dad.
After the weekend is over, families come to pick up their husband/fathers/etc. and support them, because they've just had a potentially life-changing weekend. Each man is given a chance to get on stage and share with everyone what the weekend meant to them. Much to my surprise, my dad went up there and shared that one of the men's testimonies really spoke to him and made him realize he needed to change. He then apologized (mind you, in front of 500+ people) to my mom and to us kids for not always being the Godly man he needs to be. He let go of some major baggage, and he let go of, and mended, a broken relationship within our family. A few weeks ago, my dad wouldn't have gotten up and said those words in front of so many people. I am so happy, so grateful, and so proud.
*this was actually when my dad was speaking on stage*
I've been praying over this for years. Ever since my own relationship with Christ started growing, I had always been praying that the rest of my family would follow.
What's exciting is that now my dad and I have this common interest. We have more than just seeing Twilight movies at the midnight premiers (although, those days are now over. I doubt he's that bummed, really. Ha!), we now have something meaningful to talk about on our breakfast dates (which I hope happen more often now). He even told me that before Blake and I can get married, Blake has to go to Men's Encounter with him! I honestly can't wait for that!
Thank you, to those who have been praying for me, my father, and my family during this time. My dad has reclaimed his life for Christ... God is so good. We are so grateful!

Love you all!

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