Friday, January 25, 2013

On a Friday night.

My current view. Sitting at Big Momma's after a day of work at Red Velvet (we are making the cutest valentines day garland for the windows at RV right now!). While sitting at Big Momma's, I'm listening to Robert Pattinson (oh, that dreamy non-talking voice of his!) and ever so faintly overhearing a conversation between two people a few tables away from me. I *think* they are on their first date. Because I've been sitting here for twenty-ish minutes and all they've talked about is their favorite TV shows and the last Harry Potter movie, which to me sounds pretty first date. I mean, when I first meet/hang out with someone, I pretty much only talk about my favorite movies.

Anywho. I've been feeling the blogging bug lately. I never seem to have the time to fully commit to blogging (though, in reality, I do). I seriously meant to pack my camera for my weekend trip to Arkansas, but.. I forgot. So come Monday night, you'll probably have some iPhone photos to look at! ;)
In the mean time, I am starting a diet new lifestyle plan (no soda! no carbs after 3! no eating 2-3 hours before bed!). I'm actually pretty anxious to start it... Not that I'm trying to lose weight (although... I won't lie, that would be a nice plus), I just want to feel healthy. I have been eating junk and drinking all the coca-cola in the world for the past two years, and I just feel so... unhealthy. Time for a change, I do believe!

So here's to new eating habits. And a blog post to come on Monday.

(update on the couple a few tables away: they are currently discussing how they are hipsters. what kind of first date is this?!)


  1. I have been trying a new "lifestyle" in eating lately too. I've been eating many eggs which are all protein, filling, and not hard to make. So far it's been a great way to start the day, but it's totally after 3 pm that it's hard to stick to the rules!

  2. Good luck on your lifestyle change. Check out my most current post for a chance to reflect before jumping into new goals!

    Amanda Rose