Friday, January 31, 2014


This is an oddly large photo of my face...

Reading A random book I picked up in Barnes and Noble last Sunday called Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey. It has the Rachel Held Evans stamp of approval (she wrote the foreword), and I loved Evans' book (A Year of Biblical Womanhood), so I thought I'd give this one a try. So far, loving it. My reading goal this year was to read 5 books, and I was hoping to make those 5 mostly fiction since I tend to lean toward nonfiction, but I couldn't pass this one up. The next one I read will definitely be fiction! (I downloaded both The Fault in Our Stars and Gone Girl, so I just need to decide which to read!)

Watching nothing at the moment, but as soon as Aubrey (one of the other nannies!) finishes her test for one of her classes, we are turning on the American Horror Story: Coven finale! I've been itching to watch it, but haven't had the time. I even looked at a full recap (oops!) so I know what happens. But still!

Anticipating a weekend long Scrapbook Retreat with my mom. I swear, I'm turning into my mom! A few weeks ago I did a 12 hour crop with her and her friends, and now we are all going on a weekend trip JUST to scrapbook! It's a group of around 15 ladies, and they do "Secret Sister" and get gifts for each other throughout the weekend. Yesterday, I started picking up gifts for my Secret Sister, and I'm getting so excited! Such a dork. I am such a dork. 

Listening to a couple of new things, but mostly the new Warpaint album. It is pure GOLD. I love every bit of it. I love all girl bands. Hashtag girl power, y'all! Also working on my February playlist. It's got lots of lovey songs. And of course, a few not so lovey songs. Because breakups make the best song writing material, right T. Swift?!

Eating well, this is embarrassing. I had 40 minutes to spare this morning on my way to work, so I stopped by a couple places to grab some breakfast. I went to Panera and couldn't decide between a danish or a bacon/spinach souffle.... So I got both. And then I went to Mama Jeans (my newest guilty pleasure!) and got some fresh juice. Every time I've gone, I've always gotten the Bloody Mary juice (tomato, celery, parsley, lemon, kale, sea salt & cayenne), but this time I tried the Make Mama Proud (apple, lime, kale, cilantro, cucumber, celery). It's good, but I definitely prefer Bloody Mary.

Working on Project Life! I mean, when am I not, right? But I'm trying to get ahead of myself and work on future pages. Which is hard to do when you don't have photos. But I think working ahead and knowing what kinds of pictures I will need will help out... I don't know. I may just be digging myself a hole and will never actually put photos in it. Who knows.

Wishing for the weekend! But hey! It's Friday, so the weekend is basically here. Here's a Flashback Friday photo just for fun:
Prom! Senior Year! This was before all the crazy tattoos, weird haircuts, and boy, were we skinny! ;)

Also! Update on Breigh: I mentioned this on Instagram a few days ago, but wanted to talk about it a little more here. Breigh was in the hospital all last week for flu/kidney disease stuff, and while she was there she had a seizure. Over Thanksgiving, she received full driving privileges back since she had been seizure free for 6 months. So, after being completely, totally seizure free for nearly  9 months, it was kind of a shock that she had a seizure out of nowhere. They released her (the day before her birthday!), all was well, etc. etc. Then, Sunday night she was admitted again because she started having more seizures, and this time they were longer and more intense. I'm not sure how many seizures she had in all, but it was a LOT. Anyway, late Tuesday night she was released from the hospital, and not only from the hospital, but straight from the Neuro ICU. I talked to Breigh and she says the doctors know that the seizures are not any form of epilepsy, but are most likely stress induced and just start happening when her body is exhausted. They are slowly weaning her off of seizure meds and she's at home recovering. Seriously, this is an answered prayer. She's not out of the woods yet, as I talked to her yesterday and right now she's just living in fear that a seizure will happen at any moment. We are going to get together soon for a girls night. No stress, no drama, just us, some ice cream and Hart of Dixie. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers! It's meant the world, not only to Breigh, but to me. You are all the sweetest! <3

Happy Weekend!
xo Haley


  1. A weekend-long scrapbooking retreat? Holy moly, lady! I can only do it for about three hours before I just have to do something else. You're a trooper!

    Also, that album? So good. SO GOOD.

  2. I loved The Fault in our Stars. It was SO good... I enjoyed Gone Girl but I think with all the hype I heard about it I was a little let down.

  3. I have just loved watching you, your blog and your relationship with God and with Blake blossom over the past few years! I feel like I know you so well. I highly suggest The Fault In Our Stars, which i read in about two days, returned it to the library and immediately purchased a copy for myself before following Alec around the house reading him quotes from it. I loved the Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study you read and have a few good books calling my name right now. I have been praying for Breigh and am glad she is home safe. She probably needs a girls night badly! Love love your project life stuff AND your new banner is pure bliss.

    God bless
    Amanda Rose

  4. I love Hart of Dixie, but goodness it adds stress to my life! Why can't it just work out the way I want it to? And why can't Wade be real and I could date him? So many questions.