Sunday, January 19, 2014


01 / / What an awful photo to represent this week. I'll be honest, I absolutely did not even think to take photos this week. Like at all! So here we are, a photo I took last night to text to Blake.

02 / / About the photo: As you (probably) know, I have been doing Project Life for the past few months. I'm just now getting the hang of things. I was doing pretty well with the weekly page layouts, but I simply failed to make time to do it all that often. SO now that it's a new year, I'm starting over and I'm only going to put together pages for the bigger life events. (And you know, some small ones, too, whenever the mood strikes to do PL. But I'm not going to create any insane rules to follow for this hobby.) Yesterday, I did an all day crop with my mom. ALL DAY! 12 hours of scrapbooking! I ended up finishing a *huge* total of 3.5 layouts. This is one of them. Since it's the beginning of the year, I made a '2014' title page and a layout covering my goals for the year. I also made a layout about my cat. I mean, how could I not?! I am going to share these layouts soon, I'm pretty excited!

03 / / I've been rewatching American Horror Story (season 1, not any of that junk that they called Asylum. UGH). I have LOVED season 3 so much, and am sad to see it end next week! I'm also getting so excited for season 4 - rumors are flying around that it will have a circus theme, but from what I've read, it takes place in the 1950s and Jessica Lange is working on her German accent... so I'm not so sure the circus thing is happening. But I would love to see that in a future season!

04 / / Blake and I have been discussing our next Disney trip. I know, I know! Another trip. But we've been itching to go at Christmas time, and we thought this would be the perfect anniversary/Christmas gift to each other. We've been crunching the numbers for the past week, and are starting our Disney savings jar! (We need to put it right next to the Haley-needs-a-new-car-fund, too. ;)

Hope you have a good week! Things are looking pretty slow around here this week, not too terribly eventful. But those are the kind of weeks I live for! <3 See you soon!



  1. I love this project life idea, are the supplies more pricey or comparable to typical scrapbooking? Also, you planning to come to CA for Disneyland or another trip to Disneyworld? :)

    1. I love PL! I would say, for the most part, it's pretty comparable, if only a tad more expensive. The actual PL kits themselves can get pricey for a set ($30) but the sets come with over 600 cards in each, so it just depends on what you think is worth it. However, I have been using those big pads of 12x12 scrapbook paper, cutting that to the right pocket size and using those instead. I also use the Rhonna Designs app to put writing on my photos (and printed backgrounds), and just print those myself instead of having the cutesy PL cards (of course, I didn't do this at first and bought 3 different PL kits!)

      We'd be going back to Orlando :) We want to venture over to Disneyland someday but probably not for a while! If I do, it'll be to visit my pal Cassie in LA! :)