Friday, January 3, 2014


Watching: Doc McStuffins. I'm on kid-duty today, and so ever since finishing breakfast, it's been a constant rotation of Doc McStuffins, Octonauts and Sofia the First. I love these kids, but I'm ready for real television again. ;) 

Listening to: One of the top played songs on my Spotify right now is probably The Bad in Each Other by Feist. I would binge listen to this song for a while last year, got sick of it, and now I'm starting the cycle all over again. Also, I won't lie, I listen to Miley's Bangerz a lot. Like, a lot. "Do My Thang" has become a must-listen for Blake and me every time we're in the car. We're the biggest dorks of all time, I'm sure. 

Thinking about: The busy week ahead! Amanda (the other nanny!) and I are on 24-hour kid watch all week long next week. It's fun, but exhausting. The little things make it so worth it, though. For instance, Chloe is cuddled up in the chair with me and softly said, "I can smell that you ate an orange...." They say the silliest things sometimes, and you can't help but giggle when they do. Even when they are annoying the crap out of you, and when you tell them 'no' for the millionth time, they always do something so funny and cute and you can't help but laugh with them. Sigh, I love kiddos. 

Trying to figure out: how to make our bedroom feel more like home. As of now, there's nothing on the walls - no photos, no art, nothing. That has to change! We found an Ikea bedframe we plan on purchasing, which will completely change the feel of the room, but for being a $100 bed, it would cost over $400 total to ship it to Missouri. SO, in that case -  Blake and I are making plans for a day trip to Dallas, TX soon to make a little old Ikea visit. Both Kansas City and St. Louis have Ikea stores in the works, so I'll be super grateful when they're open! However, the KC store is not due to open until this fall! (sad face!)
 -- also, I need to shower and I should've done it when Blake was here to watch the kids! Is this what motherhood is like?! 

Looking forward to: seeing the newest installment in the Paranormal Activity series tonight. I know, I know... I'm one of those people. The franchise started off really strong, the third one was absolutely incredible (in my humble opinion, that is), and the fourth fell completely flat. I've been waiting for this one for ages it seems, and since it's being billed as a "spin off" I'm hoping that it will give the series a new life. I'm not one to go into movies (any movie, not just scary ones!) not knowing what happens, so I've been stalking IMDB message boards for spoilers. I've found out a good bit of info about the movie, and it seems interesting so far... with a little tiny wtf thrown in the end. I'm anxious, to say the least! 

Reading: a million and a half free samples of books on my Nook. I downloaded a few of your suggestions (thank you for those!), and I'm starting in on the samples. So far, I've bought The Fault in Our Stars and Gone Girl, so we'll see if those get read this year. There's one in particular that I'm dying to read (it's a J-Law movie coming out soon!), but I just cannot get into the sample. So I'll keep you updated on this reading project! 

Making me happy: lots of things. But at the moment, I'm quite thankful for Reese's Christmas Trees to snack on, hot coffee to sip on, and listening to little ones giggle in the other room. Today is a slow day, and for that... I'm quite content at the moment. (But wish me luck and send lots of prayers my way come 3 pm - I have to fix gymnastics hair on 3 little girls for team photos this afternoon. I practiced with the help of my boss a few days ago, but that's so different from doing it all on my own!) 


Last week, Blake and I were able to sneak away for an hour or so to have lunch in Branson! We had been at his grandparent's lake house out on Table Rock Lake, so it wasn't a huge inconvenience to make our way into Branson before heading home. I'm so glad we did! It was such a gloomy day, but we went to the cutest little 50's themed diner, where the Beach Boys were on constant rotation on the jukebox - a perfect fix for a cloudy day. 
 ALSO! Our wedding had a little feature in the January issue of our local magazine, 417. You can view the article here, on the 417 Bride website. It's only mildly embarrassing that most of Springfield now knows that Blake and I first 'met' on MySpace. Oh the memories of my 17th year....

Hope you are having a great Friday, and I hope you have an even better weekend! We had a little bit of snow come in yesterday, and are expecting more this weekend. I'm NOT a snow fan at all, so I'm personally not looking forward to it. But hey, at least it's pretty to look at!

xo Haley

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  1. I am seriously wishing for snow! We haven't had any yet and it's so disappointing! Can't wait to hear what else you read, I just got an e reader too!