Sunday, January 26, 2014


01 / / With our combined work schedules, Blake and I see each other a lot less these days. This week was especially insane, since we both worked a little extra - we didn't have dinner together once this week! So we decided to sleep in and go get a big breakfast this morning. Best decision. I love the time we have to just sit and talk. We don't do a lot of that these days and we so, so should.

02 / / My BFF Cassie is attending the Grammy's tonight! She was asked by her agency to be a seat filler, so when the celebrities get up to accept awards/go pee/etc, she will sit in their seat until they get back. She just sent me the picture of her all done up for tonight... she looks GORGE. My baby girl is all grown up!

03 / / Christmas stuff is officially gone. I (slowly) started putting it all away earlier last week and Blake finally made me do the rest this afternoon. Sigh. I'll miss you, Christmas tree.

04 / / Our poor kitty has had it rough these past few weeks! A few weeks ago, we found out that she's a he. And then he had a bladder infection. And after recovering from that, I think he's got another! I'm feeling like a really bad cat mama right now. :/ On the bright side: he really enjoyed cuddling and watching Dawson's Creek the other night! ;)

Tonight's one of those nights that I wish I had television (like, regular channels instead of just our Apple TV). Not only is the Bachelor Sean & Catherine wedding on (!!! I love weddings), but the Grammy's (in which Cassie will be attending, as mentioned) will be on tonight as well! I'm feeling like I'm missing out on a lot! Luckily, I *believe* both will be on our Apple TV to watch tomorrow night.
ANYWAY. I'm going back to cleaning and rearranging furniture. Sunday's are great days, I'm figuring out. 

<3 Haley

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  1. I had friends at the Grammys tonight too! They were nominated, but didn't win. :( Bummed about that, but it was pretty exciting that they were there!

    I hope your & Blake's schedules even out a little bit. I know how frustrating that is; before Tyler got his current job, we could only count on one day a month together. It SUCKED. Breakfast dates are the best, though. I think we're due for a Gailey's trip soon. :)