Monday, July 8, 2013

vacation (so far)

Just popping in to say hey! I thought I'd share a few vacation photos (you know, vacation so far. We've only been here like 2 days!). Basically, all we've done is lay by the pool. We ventured out to the beach this morning, but I didn't stay too long! I have a nasty sunburn (already!) and was afraid to be out in the sun too much today. I came home and couldn't even put on my bra! (tmi?) My whole upper back is bright red - with the exception for the small strip of skin that is completely untanned due to my ponytail. Yup. Tan lines are the greatest! ;) 
 For the past 6+ years, my family has stayed in different houses within the Seacrest Beach community. This year we are in "Pool's Paradise" and it is by far the best we've stayed in! It's kind of funny, though, that no matter which house we end up in, we are running out of sleep space due to our growing family. Good problem to have though, I'd say!
 This is THE best swimsuit I've ever had. I was really apprehensive of dropping so much cash on a swimsuit. The thing is, I haven't felt too comfortable in swimsuits in the past few years (ahem, I gained a few pounds post-high school), but this one is completely flattering. I'd prefer to not have the size that I had to get, but as my mom said - as long as it doesn't make you *look* that size, it's all good!
 Last night, Blake and I had a "date night" on Pier Park in Panama City Beach. We browsed a few shops before eating dinner at Margaritaville. We chose to eat outside (the wait for inside seating was an hour and a half, heck no!), and the restaurant sits right on the Gulf of Mexico, so we had a nice, beachy, salty air drifting in. It was great! Also - how do you go Margaritaville and NOT order the cheeseburger in paradise? ;)
(I bought this silly looking hat last night after burning my scalp really bad on Sunday. Yeesh, brushing my hair was awful!) I took a morning stroll over to Raw & Juicy for a vegan/organic smoothie to take to the beach. It was so yummy! Before I leave, I'd like to try a green smoothie and their fresh juice!

Anywho - hope your week is a great one! I keep forgetting it's only Monday. Which means.... Bachelorette Monday! I was telling Blake that we had to watch it tonight and he complained, "but we're on vacation!!" The Bachelorette stops for no one, Blake. ;)

See you soon!


  1. I love your swimsuit! And I forgot about your little bow cute. When we went to Fl last month I made Alec wear "water babies" SPF 50 for the first 2 days, then 30 (with water babies on his ears, neck, shoulders and face) and we finally weened him off of it to an SPF 15 for the rest of break. The trick is to start high SPF and then GRADUALLY go don't burn and can still catch a good tan the last few days. Works like a charm! Have a good rest of vacation and I agree with break, watch the OCEAN not the TV!

    Amanda Rose

  2. Hi there!
    Just wanted to stop by and say hi! It's always great to find other midwest bloggers! You have a super cute blog and I can't wait to read more!

    ♥ Samantha