Tuesday, July 23, 2013

sixty seven

This morning I was thinking about how close the wedding is.
Of course, I think/talk about this every day... How could I not with this never ending to-do list looming over me? It's like a really huge dark rain cloud right above me and it NEVER goes away. So obviously, the countdown is like a countdown to death clock at the moment.

A little under a year ago, we were celebrating the marriage of some good friends of ours. It was a gorgeous day and so exciting for them (and exciting now, as they are only weeks away from their first anniversary!), but it was exciting for  us, too - the day of their wedding, we were at exactly 400 days away from our own wedding day. 400!

At 400 days away, I had basic ideas of what I wanted our day to look like. I had a venue in mind (and I was going to do whatever I had to to get it. Spoiler: I got the venue!). I knew I wanted to have dinner before the ceremony, and I knew that with that, it meant that Blake and I would see each other prior to me walking down the aisle. I knew our colors. I had an appointment booked to try on dresses the following month. I had everything in mind, but very little actually on the books and planned.

Now, we are at approximately 67 days out from the wedding.
And the number makes me want to throw up at the thought.

Not in an "omg, I shouldn't be doing this" kind of way, but more like "omg, I really am a big time procrastinator."

I have the big things done. I have a dress. I have a venue. I have food to serve.
It's the details I'm struggling with. I'm working on programs and favors. (holy, never ending!)
I am (finally!) getting invitations printed in the next few days. Over the weekend I am assembling and addressing invitations to be mailed out at the first of August. I have my hair and makeup trial soon, along with bridal portraits in mid-August (!!!). So much is happening, and it's really fun stuff, but it's just really confirming that this day is coming and it's coming super fast.

It's just crazy that we are only two months away from this day that we've been dreaming about for 15+ months.
It's crazy that almost a year ago, we were ecstatic that our day was only 400 days away.
Time goes by so fast... without you even really noticing it.

I'm lucky that I have so much support from family and friends to keep me going in the planning process, and that help keep me excited about it all (because I know for sure if I didn't have those key people, I'd be mega stressed over everything that I have to do in the next two months).

I've been compiling all the resources that have been a big help to me over these past few months during all of the wedding planning, and I'm looking forward to sharing that. Not that wedding planning is anything new and groundbreaking, but I would've killed for this kind of information when I started out planning!

Stay tuned to see how everything works out and if I manage to get through all of this with my sanity intact.

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  1. it's crazy how fast it approaches, and then it's over. take the time to enjoy this planning time too! you'll never get it back. and for me, invitations happened last minute too no matter how long in advance i tried to plan.

    can't wait to see what kind of wedding planning resources you have! wedding planning is definitely one of those things that is extremely hard to explain to someone who has never done it or worked a wedding before!