Monday, July 22, 2013

A Birthday Surprise

Yesterday, Blake and I left church early to "eat lunch with his parents." 
But upon walking into The Aviary, there sitting at the table were Claire and Ally! I could hardly believe it - I started crying! 
I really don't see Claire as often as I like, and I really didn't think I'd get to see her until next month (when I have my bachelorette party and bridal shower), so to see her sitting across from me at lunch was the best surprise ever. 
I am beyond grateful for not only Claire, but for her father and for Blake who planned it all and made it happen! 

In other news, I'm another year older. Nothing new around these parts! (with the exception of now sharing my birthday with the future King of England! I mean, seriously, that's kinda cool!)
Today, I'm at work all day, which at first I was like, "well... that's kind of a bummer..." but once I got to work, I realized there's really no where else I'd rather be. These kids are truly the greatest. As soon as I walked down to the kitchen, they started singing to me. It was the sweetest thing! I'm a really lucky girl. I'm hopeful for what the next year brings.
Also, I think I'll make a 22 before 23 to do list. I've never done one before, and since my 22nd year will be the first year of marriage, I think that'll make it pretty interesting. I'll keep you posted. :) 

xo Haley


  1. Happy belated Birthday!! I'm happy that you had such a glorious day. :)

    Enjoy your week. xo.

  2. happy belated birthday! what a wonderful way to spend the day - a surprise with friends! my last birthday was so very similar. my girlfriends took me out for breakfast, we walked around the downtown area shopping, then drove me to a tea house where all of my family was for my surprise bridal shower! looking forward to all of your pre-wedding shenanigans since i just experienced them and miss them already!