Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wedding Talk.

One of the biggest things we (we being me + my mom. ha!) struggled with was the wedding venue. I had my heart set on an old mill in Blake's hometown, but our date was non-negotiable, and Fair Grove always holds their annual fall festival that specific weekend we requested. So, my number one location was out of the question from the get-go. 
We went through just about a million different venues and narrowed it down to a few, Miss Gimore's Carriage House being a top contender (although the website is rather deceiving). The very first venue we saw was Miss Gilmores. It also happens to be the only venue we ever visited. Mistake? Maybe. But once we saw it in person, I wasn't going to let go of my new number one choice!
This was in June. About a month ago, my dad finally decided to commit to the venue, and we went and signed the contract and paid a deposit! So last weekend, my mom and I took another little trip out to the venue, armed with pumpkin spice lattes and a camera. We had so much fun snapping photos (so I'll have 'visuals' for decor planning) and talking about all the different options for where the food go, how we'll decorate the tables and the fireplace, where we can dance. All of that. Wedding planning is fun, you guys. Anywho... I just wanted to share a few photos of the location of mine and Blake's wedding. :) 

Isn't the pink chandelier insane?! There are little charming details everywhere you turn. Vintage pieces are quite abundant in this venue, and is a reason why we chose it. Not only did it go with my desired 'look' for the wedding, but it reduces our decor need greatly! I'm so excited about not having to worry about filling up a space with things just to make everything look complete. At Miss Gilmore's it's basically already done for me! Things are getting very real, very fast.

Next on my wedding to do list...
+ plan out invitations (get a final guest list together! ugh, this has been stressful!)
+ start gathering old bottles and vintage books and little tiny owls for the tables
+ start thinking about flowers... I've been putting this one off, simply because I couldn't care less about flowers. I hate flowers.
+ for real this time find bridesmaid dresses that everyone can agree on. I have a difficult bunch of ladies. ;) And find something for Colby! Can't forget about my wonderful Brides...man? :)
+ plan a menu with my papa. My dad's BBQ team is doing the food for my wedding... I can't wait for my new family to taste some of my dad's state championship BBQ! What an introduction to a new family, right? ;)

Happy almost Wednesday! It's 11:54, and I need to go to sleep. Blake and I are taking some pre-engagement photos with Colby tomorrow so we can have photos to give to close family & friends for Christmas as mini save the dates. So exciting!


  1. The venue looks just great - so unique and special. :) A lot of my friends married last year and the year before and they often chose the same venue just because there is not much to choose from where I live... :)

    Can't wait to read more about the preparations.

    1. Aw! There's like a million venues in Springfield, but I've only heard of this one a few times. I'm excited!! Thanks for reading. :)

  2. Yay! This is happy news! Dying.. love the venue in Fall perspective. I mean it was just as beautiful when we saw it in the summer. But come on. This is gorgeous! You picked the best :)