Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I love Pinterest today.

Pinterest has been so good to me today.

Usually I don't spend a whole day browsing Pinterest. Usually I can't find anything I like on Pinterest (although my 300+ pins would tell you otherwise).

But today... I spent all day, off and on in my free time, on the Pinterest app on my phone. Holy cow, I hit the jackpot on Pinterest wedding DIYs today. I even felt so inspired to make a list of things I want to try, and a list of things to go buy first thing tomorrow in order to carry out my mega craft day tomorrow.

Here are few things I've been itching to do...

*So while this link sends you over to an Etsy... my wedding is on a strict, strict budget (student over here!), and so my boss and I are going to tackle the task of making this dress for my flower girl!
*I actually already made this DIY, and I'm putting this on the list to tell you, this little project is fabulous! It was so easy and fast.
*I love this idea for a smores bar, of sorts, but I'd also like to find a way to package them for favors... hmm.
*This crepe paper flowers DIY sounds awesome! These flowers are way too cute for words (and almost realistic in photos!) I'm going to have to try these out.

There about a million more DIYs I want to try... but I'll save that for a later date. ;)

In other news... I'm making a hash brown potato soup tomorrow night for dinner. I'm not a cook (like at all), so I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! This weekend my mom and I are visiting my wedding venue (again), this time to take photos so we will have visual references when dreaming up decor. I'm super excited! And I will definitely share those photos!
Have a wonderful, wonderful evening. I'm off to enjoy a homemade chai latte, watch Fright Night, and make grocery lists! :)

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