Monday, November 25, 2013


I feel like my weekend went nonstop, but it really didn't. Blake and I looked at rings (!!!), since we are looking to upgrade slash retire my engagement ring. I love my ring(s) to death, but my engagement ring is going on 70+ years old, and I am scared to death of ruining it. So, my Christmas gift this year is a brand new ring, one that I can wear without fear of snapping in half because the band is too worn. I'm excited! I think more so because I can keep my great-grandmother's ring in safe keeping for my own daughter someday. I'm hoping to re-shank it someday so that the band isn't so thin. I LOVE jewelry, but then again ... what girl doesn't?! 

^^ Blake and I saw the new Hunger Games! This has almost nothing to do with seeing Catching Fire, but it's the only HG-related photo I've got. Yes. I have a Hunger Games tattoo. And yes. I sort of kind of regret it. Not because I'm tired of it, or because it was a spur of the moment decision, but because now I'm realizing I used precious, precious tattoo space for a Hunger Games quote. I'm just wishing I would've put it somewhere else instead... 
^^I've been dabbling in Project Life, as you know. These are just two examples of what I've done so far. I originally started out doing a small album and finally decided to go with a full size one. I'm very pleased with this decision. :) 
^^ I received THE most beautiful dress in the mail a few days ago from the sweetest lady! I want to wear it every day for the rest of forever! It's got just the right amount of 'holiday' feel to it, without being outright holiday colors. I'm in love! AND it has an open back, as Meghan said, perfect for date nights. ;) 
^^ Had a date night with my mom and cousin Saturday night (wearing my new dress, of course!). We ate at a teeny tiny Chinese restaurant in my hometown (Marshfield fine dining!), and saw the high school's production of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. It was so cute! In high school, I was always involved in the theater department (but because of my insane stage fright, I was a behind the scenes helper, mostly- helping with costumes and painting sets. Our set for Annie in 2009 won a national set design contest!). Seeing these kids that I didn't even recognize (most of them were in junior high when I graduated), mixed with the fact that I've been out of high school for 4 years, and I'm married, it was all just so weird. I certainly don't miss high school, but I do miss the feeling when we were doing a show; it was the biggest, most important thing to us at the time. We had nothing else to worry about than cutting the show's run time and moving scene changes more smoothly. Ah, simpler times. ;)
^^aaaaand lip stick for days! 

I'm watching the kiddos because my boss was delayed in Vegas and won't be home until later today, so we had a good old slumber party and watched Up with popcorn and "surprises" (uh, basically just m&m's and reese's pieces). These are the times when I'm all like, "YES, I can do motherhood!" and then I wake up a million times in the middle of the night because I hear every little noise in the house. I'm getting a taste of what it's like to be a full time caregiver of children and it pulls me back down to earth and slaps me with the reality that no matter how many baby things I pin, how many babies I hold and gush over- I'm simply not ready for babies. And that's a-okay, because HECK. I'm still only 22. My momma had me shortly after her 20th birthday and she's pushing me to wait, wait, wait. I think I'll take her advice! 

Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. You and your momma look so much alike! Also, yay for ring shopping! We're in the process of picking out our wedding bands and I'm so excited! Do you have a certain style in mind? xo

  2. your tattoo is pretty awesome!

  3. (1) That dress is amazing!

    (2) We need Project Life days! And coffee days, and Hurts Donut days, and London Calling days....but mainly Project Life days. ;)

    (3) I get the fear of ruining your ring, because, like the total klutz I am, I BROKE my engagement ring about a month or so after Tyler and I got married. Like, bent it at an almost-90* angle, causing one of the tiny diamonds to pop out, which resulted in me crawling on the floor for almost 45 minutes looking for it because my sentimental heart knew it just wouldn't be the same! Heart attack, followed by all the tears in my body. (It's fixed now. That whole lifetime-warranty thing was a good investment, apparently.)