Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Party Times

The final installment! Our reception went by even faster than our ceremony, it seems. We got out of there pretty fast, though. We nixed dancing in favor to head home a little early. With a wake up call at 4:30 am, and a flight to Orlando leaving at 7 am, we were dog tired and ready to sleep by the end of the day! Without further ado... 
^^I want these chandeliers in my apartment. Is that too much to ask for?!
 ^^ Let me tell you, Hannah was the LIFE of the party. Girlfriend has no idea what Stranger Danger means.
^^ Our desserts were all homemade by our incredible family (and a few friends!) And boy... were those pies yummy.
 ^^ these Mickey/Minnie placemats were a total surprise! I still don't know who was behind this, but it was a cute little surprise to see at the reception! 
^^ Why is dancing in front of a million people so awkward?! I seriously felt like we were back at a high school social or something. We picked "Real Love" by Beach House to dance to... it was perfect! 
^^ I love this picture! We danced to "No One's Gonna Love You" by Band of Horses. If you listen to the lyrics, it's definitely not a great song to use at weddings... but uh, whatevs. Band of Horses is kiiiiind of me and my daddy's thing. So far, we've seen BOH three times together, and I'm so looking forward to more shows in the future. So, this is our song. The first time we saw BOH live, they started the show with an acoustic version of No One's Gonna Love You, so it seemed fitting to dance to the acoustic version, rather than the studio recording. Okay, story time is over. Onward! 

 Our cake!! It was seriously one of my favorite things. A family friend baked a vanilla cake with raspberry filling (and buttercream frosting) for us, and Katie made the cake topper for us. The cake was SO yummy, and I only had one little bite! I believe that mom has it frozen for us at her house...at least, I hope she does! I want more of that on our one year anniversary!
^^ Like I said: Hannah was the life of the party. She LOVED twirling in her dress!
 We didn't have any "real" dancing, to like, fun music or anything. Originally, we had totally planned on it, since we didn't have to be out of the venue until 10 or 10:30, but as soon as the ceremony was over and the nerves were gone... it hit me. MAN, I was tired. After waking up at 4 am two nights in a row, it was finally hitting me that I had slept very little and was running on fumes at that point. So - we did all of the 'necessary' reception things (cut the cake, first dance, father daughter dance), and then had Brad play a song for all of us to kinda sorta dance to before heading out. So - big thank you to Brad for playing an acoustic, Mumford and Sons-y cover of As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber. I will seriously remember that forever. (Insert crying/laughing emoji here)
 And... for my favorite photo from the ENTIRE day:
This is Chloe, one of the little gals I nanny. Boy, do I love that child! I'm so glad that this photo was snapped.. definitely going to frame it for her so she can always remember her Haley! (And totally framing it for my wall, too, because..duh.)

After leaving the wedding, we went through McDonalds for a coke and pumpkin pies... classy! The people in the drive through looked at us funny since I was in the passengers seat with this huge white dress shoved into a little car. But, this is just one of those silly memories that I'll always have!
Thank you for taking a little peek at our special day! I'm so excited to finally have these photos in my hands - I seriously look at them every day! As always - thank you, Elise, for being so fabulous. It was a rainy, dreary day, and you never let me get down about it. I'm so thankful for you and Ethan!

xo Haley Tucker


  1. That is so cute! Such a great memory from after your wedding. :) Loved all the details, especially the placemats!

    1. Thank you! Yeah... of course we would choose McDonalds of all places! At least it wasn't Taco Bell..?!

  2. Beautiful! I loved watching your engagement unfold and your wedding planning and now seeing this magical wedding. Before you know it one year will have gone by!

    Amanda Rose