Saturday, November 16, 2013

Photo Dump

Life has been crazy lately! Maybe it's the changing of the weather; it's quickly turning way too cold for my personal taste, but today offered a nice break from the freezing weather... it was 70 degrees for the most part! Ah, if weather could always stay a cool 70? I'd be in heaven. I don't appreciate having to get up an extra half hour early just to scrape the frost off of my car... 
Anyway - here's some snapshots that may or may not have appeared on Instagram lately. Enjoy!

 God has blessed me immensely with the strangest, most interesting, most fulfilling friendship that I have ever had. A lot of times, people will tell you that friendships you have in junior high and high school don't last. And for the most part, I've learned that this is very true. As much as I hate to admit this, I don't talk to a lot, if not all of my friends I had in high school. Sure, we keep up on Facebook, but we don't hang out, text, etc. But these gals? Life has thrown some crazy curve balls our way. Since graduating, Cassie has lived 3+ hours away, and recently moved to LA. Breigh is in and out of hospitals and has had 2 brain surgeries in the past year. And me? Well. I got married! Life has changed so much since we were 18 years old and ready to get out in the real world. What we would give to be back in high school! But no matter the time spent apart, no matter how different we each become - we still love each other like sisters and can talk and confide in each other as if we never go a day without seeing each other. I love them like they wouldn't believe. Okay. Story hour is over. Onward!
 I got to watch this little man on Wednesday! This guy is our nephew, Lincoln - he's seriously the cutest and the most non-fussy baby I've met! Blake and I are going to Little Rock tomorrow night to watch him while his parents go to a concert. We're kinda excited to take him to see Claire and all of our Arkansas friends!
 I've taken up Project Life. YIKES, obsessed. I've quickly found out that the mini albums just do. not. work. for this type of scrapbooking. It was a good idea in theory, but the page layouts get so repetitive. I'm moving onto a larger album since I'm only 7 weeks into my album (I'm *attempting* to do a spread for each week of our first year of marriage! Wish me luck, I'll need it!)
My momma and I went a vintage loving gal's craft fair and holy crow! It was incredible. Check it out here. 
I bought a few too many things at the craft fair, but one thing I'm really proud of is this print! It was made locally by a man in my church (a previous high school youth pastor at High Street!), and his Etsy is filled to the brim with amazing prints with lyrics from worship songs and verses from the Bible. All of the proceeds go towards helping his family move to Amsterdam to do mission work! I was more than happy to buy this print! PLUS! Come Thou Fount is the song I walked down the aisle to at the wedding, so it seemed rather fitting to buy this print. :) 
And..... this is just me, summed up in one picture. You are welcome! #snapchat4life


  1. That last picture brings me oh-so-much joy. We need to chat about Project Life stuff. I have about zero scrapbooking experience, but I'm dying to get started!