Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stay At Home Club

 On Wednesdays, I have the entire day completely to myself; I have the entire day off and Blake is at work most of the day. Really, it's not just Wednesdays that are like this. While Blake and I both have Mondays off together, he works on Saturday and Sunday evenings as well, so, really - have a good 3 days out of the week all to myself. When I started really thinking about this arrangement, the term "stay at home wife" came to mind.
I used to laugh at this oh so wonderful term of endearment until that's exactly what I became. Sure, I nanny 3 days a week (which equals to roughly 42 hours a week... Those 14 hour days add up!), but the majority of my week is spent at home.
 At first, it seemed to be a rather charmed life. I would sleep in (or, sleep in as late as I could.. which is like, 7:30 am), I would fix myself a hearty breakfast of toaster strudels (ha!), and settle back into bed and watch Netflix for a good part of my day. Lazy? Yeah. But after spending the past year living in the same house where I work, it was a nice change to wake up and not hear children playing in the room next door! ;)
Now, after a month (!! Where did the time go?!), I've settled into a somewhat routine. My internal clock wakes up at 5:30, so my day is started pretty early. And while Blake probably thinks I sit on my butt all day, I really don't! I'm actually really excited about being home this much because I'm starting to get a handle on this cooking thing. Okay, okay.. so the only real cooking I've done so far is via my crockpot (thanks, Emma... we LOVE it!), but gosh darn, slow cooker meals are GOOD.
^^ we are still on the hunt for perfect curtains. It's a never ending search... sigh.

So while being a part-time stay at home wife isn't the most fulfilling job on the planet, I'm getting the hang of it. I like being able to cook dinner for Blake. I like organizing my (extremely small) closet when I run out of things to do. And let's be honest - I love being able to get on Pinterest all day long. Ha! 
But really, it's like being a stay at home mom, without the kids. And that's pretty awesome. 

Other things I like right now:

* I'm catching up on Once Upon a Time. I don't have many shows that I watch on the reg, but Once Upon a Time is one that I'm absolutely hooked on! I'm in the middle of the second season and they are introducing a Dr. Frankenstein backstory... it's so neat! I can't wait to catch up to the current season so I can see the Little Mermaid storyline! Eeeek!
*Speaking of shows I watch; OMG AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Okay. So first season was fantastic - like, mind blowing fantastic. Then the second season was a total bummer for the most part. And now? AHS Coven is incredible. They have Patti LuPone! You can never go wrong with the goddess! (Side note: that video makes me cry every time. Side note number two: Seth Rudetsky is the goddess jr. Oh, the Broadway side of Haley never leaves....)
*Praise Jesus for Hobby Lobby's 50% Christmas decor sale. I bought the little "Merry Christmas" sign and the pink tree because, duh, 50% off. (And the Let It Snow sign is from Target's $1 section. Holla for good deals!)
*this post by Diana, of Our City Lights. What a strong, strong woman. My heart aches for their loss. I almost hesitate to even call it a loss, because it is so much more than that. A piece of them is gone, and yet she shows so much faith through it all. I admire her strength and courage to keep moving forward.
*I've started doing Project Life! I'm not great at it, yet, and I'm terrible at sending photos to be printed... but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I bought two full kits (one of which, Elsie & Emma designed and it is way cuter in person!), and a couple of the small themed kits (the holiday one steals my heart!). I also printed some Instagram photos from Printstagram. It was so worth it! The photos are so cute and most fit perfectly in the pages. Plus they were delivered in two days... this Project Life stuff is going to be a breeze!
*Oh! AND! I just found out that mine and Blake's wedding will be featured in the January issue of 417 Magazine. How exciting! <3

Until next time!


  1. Staying at home sounds so amazing. I wish I had more time to do that!

    1. I love it! I used to wish for more time at home, and now that I have it... I'm getting cabin fever! Going a little stir-crazy some days. ;)

  2. I love that bottle brush tree on the mantel. I have too many of those but is that really a problem?

    1. That is never a problem! I wish I had more... I keep searching on Etsy for them!

  3. Okay, I knew I had read somewhere that you had IG shots printed for PL, and I seriously just spend about 10 minutes trying to find where you had written that and thinking I was crazy. Which size did you get from Printstagram? (Can you tell I'm, like, full-on obsessed with this now? I had a ton of projects for today, and I've done NOTHING but obsess over this stuff. I need an intervention.)