Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun Fact: It rained all. day. long. All day! I surprising was not worried about it. We had practiced inside, in case the weather was bad, so I knew it would all be okay if we had to do the ceremony inside the carriage house. However... right as dinner was ending, the rain stopped. It was so funny (and extremely heart warming!) to see all the guests go outside and start drying off the seats so we could have the ceremony outside. By far, one of my favorite things from the wedding day. Not only did a bunch of folks show up to see us get married, but they helped wherever help was needed! We are so blessed to know such kind people. <3 

^^ look at that stud! ;) 
 ^^ Milo was just NOT having it. 
^^ We did communion, just the two of us, during the ceremony. Blake's grandpa led us, and holy waterworks. Ugly cries, snotty nose, all that. 

Ah, it was such a good day. The ceremony went by in a blur, though. Not that I mind.. it was probably the most embarrassing thing of my life having to say a bunch of mushy stuff in front of 180 people....

Photos: Elise Abigail Photography
Venue: Miss Gilmore's Carriage House
Band: The Midwest Indies

Music used in ceremony
Interlude: Flowers In Your Hair - The Lumineers
Processional: Heartbeats - Jose Gonzales / Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Sufjan Stevens


  1. Beautiful! The whole thing is beautiful.

    Amanda Rose

  2. Gorgeous photos!! Poor little guy...

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, he wasn't having it. Even at the rehearsal, he was in tears!

  3. Can I ask you about the necklace you wore during the wedding? I love the shape and how simple it is!