Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New York flipping City

I could sit around on my couch and browse mommy blogs all day long. Alllll day long.
Like today, for instance? I caught up on a few months worth of posts on Nat the Fat Rat. She (and Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries) give me serious NYC fever. And maybe baby fever, too, but we won't talk about that. 

I've been to New York approximately one time in my life. It was a dream come true (and if that qualifies me as pathetic and extremely small town girl-ish, I am a-okay with that). I remember putting it on my "goal list" in 2010. My family must've seen that goal list because I was surprised with a trip to good 'ol NYC for my graduation gift! It was literally the best 4 days ever.
I drank an iced cinnamon dolce latte every morning.So when I order one now, I feel like I'm back in Manhattan. Oh, the memories. Also, my shirt is NOT an I heart NY shirt. It says I heart YB (yearbook!). Just to clear that up. ;) 

We did touristy things like visit the Statue of Liberty (biggest time suck ever. I mean, it was a great experience, but don't do it!), we took bus tours of the Upper East & West sides and downtown, we ate at TGI Fridays on our first night there (what? We were hungry and didn't know where to go! also, hashtag sixteen dollar hamburger). My mom, grandma and aunt went to The Today Show (and met Ann & Matt!). We went to Strawberry Fields (and the rest of Central Park - while they were filming scenes for The Smurfs movie!). Seriously, I can't even tell you how great this trip was.
I do believe, that no one has ever been this excited to take a picture with Hello Kitty. Ever. 

Blake went to NYC that same summer, too. For a while, it was all we could talk about. And if I'm being honest, it's pretty much still all we talk about. What it would be like to live there, how we can make that a reality, etc.
So, I'm sure Blake really enjoys it when I read all these NY mommy blogs, because then for the next 5 hours, it's all I want to think about and talk about:
"Blake, lets get on UO & Anthro and fill up a shopping cart full of stuff for our future tiny apartment!"
"Hey, Blake, lets get on Craigslist and look at apartments in Brooklyn!"
"Blake, I was looking at the cost of preschool in Manhattan and it's $5,000+ per year, per kid. I don't think we'll ever be able to afford that..."
"Um, Haley, we dont' even have kids yet. Stop."

That's pretty much how our conversations go. Not a joke.

I get excited when I think about going back to New York. I think about all the things I'll do and see, and how I won't do touristy things (except the Sex & the City bus tour, um, DUH) (oh, and I'll probably stalk all the locations where they filmed You've Got Mail).
A New York trip is probably a few years away, but a gal can dream, am I right?
Here are a few of my favorite NYC things on my Pinterest (I totally have an NY themed board on Pinterest, because duh):

* the Breakfast at Tiffany's brownstone sold last year for nearly $6 million, which is cheap in the world of New York City real estate, I hear.
*This studio apartment in Harlem. You know, Harlem never seemed appealing to me until I saw this. And then I decided a studio is probably not the best space for me when I have to share it with someone else...
*So basically, when you search "New York" in the search box in Naomi's blog, it's like opening a treasure chest of amazing.
*And my favorite New York mommy blogger, Natalie. Also a treasure chest of amazing.
*Meg has a compiled a good list of places to eat while in New York. (also, things to do)

If we are being completely honest here, it is my sincere hope that someday on this little blog, I can make my own list of my favorite spots in New York, and my favorite hole in the wall restaurants. Because, come on, the blog world needs another NYC blogger, right? #sarcasmyouknow

Disclaimer: This blog post was the product of not wanting to bug Blake with all of my NYC talk... enjoy! ;) 

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