Thursday, April 25, 2013

Engaged, y'all.

So, I've been engaged for a year now. Literally, nearly a year to the day (the 29th!). We never, ever imagined being engaged this long, let alone by the time the actual wedding rolls around, we'll be engaged for 17 months. But with still being in school (and helicopter parents, we love you!) we thought it would be smartest to get a little further in school before getting hitched.
So anywho - last weekend we finally  had our engagement photos done! Elise is incredible. Beyond incredible. The turnaround time on these photos was like 0.6 seconds! Not to mention, the photos turned out beautifully! Here's a little peek:
Disclaimer: I know Blake looks super into that Mickey ears picture, but he was not. The things he does for me... 

You know, when preparing for engagement pictures, I was all focused on the outfits and locations. But you know what? NO ONE tells you about all the kissing! I'm not a PDA gal AT ALL. And all that kissing, in public... in front of a camera. Whoa, buddy. Not for me. That's why in all of the pictures of us kissing, Blake looks so serious, and I'm giggling. I literally could not stop laughing.

Seriously though, if you EVER need a photographer, Elise is your gal. She is the sweetest, most creative girl. She and I were always texting about ideas, and let me tell you - she has GREAT ideas. I can't even tell you how happy I am with our photos. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for these for what seems like forever, and they turned out just how I hoped they would! I feel like they capture mine and Blake's (extremely silly) personalities. Elise, you are the greatest. I can't wait for you to shoot the wedding! Also, Elise, you are now recruited as my life photographer. I'll call you when I have babies, for sure. ;) 

Where you can find Elise: 

Love you, Elise (and Ethan too)! Can't wait to do this again in 156 days! <3 


  1. Some of the best engagement photos I ever seen. :)

  2. Local follower here, and we just happen to have Elise as our photographer as well! We found out about her through my sister (a friend of hers) and absolutely adore her!

    1. Oh my gosh, how neat! Yay for Elise! I just love her to pieces.