Friday, April 26, 2013


I have been blogging for about 4 years now, off and on. Throughout that time, I've gone through many different phases. Sharing too much, sharing very little, writing about nonsense, writing posts full of meaning to me, and as it turns out, to a lot of other folks out there.
Lately, I've kind of happened upon a blogging identity crisis. What kind of blogger do I want to be? Do I have any relevance whatsoever in the blogging world? Also of note, I hate the term "blogging world."  

I struggle with the fact that, in all honesty, I have zero important things to say. Nothing I write on this little blog will ever amount to much, will never have a truly lasting impact. It is my hope that maybe, someday it will. But right now? Not so much. I'm just a 21 year old nanny/student (but let's face it, I haven't been to a single class since last July. So.). I'm not married (yet), I don't have children to blog about. I'm not into the DIY world as much these days and my writing skills are hit and miss. Like, I really have to be fired up about something to write a post with real substance. 

What could I possibly have to blog about? I've ruled out that I'm not a DIY blogger, I'm not a mommy blogger, obviously. So what does that leave? Lifestyle blogging? What the heck is lifestyle blogging anyway? For real, legit question.

I'm terrible at keeping schedules, and at the moment, I struggle with finding things to post about. Blogging shouldn't be this hard, right? I guess when it is this hard, maybe that's my cue to call it quits, eh?

4 years ago, I started Elizabeth Haley. Not sure why I decided to call my blog my first and middle name, but hey - it worked for 3.5 years. I look back on my very first blog on Wordpress, and I cringe... My writing style (um, not sure if that aspect has changed, but let's hope it has), the over sharing, everything. I guess it truly does represent me at that age. I was a junior in high school when I started it, and started Elizabeth Haley 2.0 soon after graduating. Both represent major phases and transitions in my life, just as this blog represents this new phase of becoming a wife, and hopefully a mom in the next couple of years.
I've gone from writing to maybe 3 people, to an audience of nearly 300, back to around 30 solid regular readers. And you know what? That is a-okay with me. I don't need hundreds of followers to feel validated through all of this. Because, just like when I started blogging, it's all still for fun. I do it because I love it.

I guess all that to say, I want to keep blogging. I want to put something out there every day in hopes that it reaches someone and it will mean something to them.



  1. and i will keep reading. promised :)


  2. I will also keep reading!

    Amanda Rose

  3. Haley, I've been reading since your second blog (the one on Blogger) and although I don't comment, I do love following your life! We are the same age so it's really nice to see where other people are at, and I just enjoy that you aren't part of any of the above listed categories. You are who you are, y'know?
    If you keep blogging, I will still be here reading!