Sunday, March 10, 2013

Colby Kern Photography

My best friend is a genius photographer. He has such an imagination, and creativity that is hard to find these days. As I've been watching Romeo + Juliet this afternoon (some of our favorite BFF songs come from its soundtrack, of course), I've become increasingly nostalgic about my high school years, which were the good old days of weekly photo shoots and the like with Mr. Colby. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos we've taken together. :)
These photos are my absolute favorites. We were having a slumber party at his house and sometime around 10 or 11 we decided that I would get all dressed up, throw on some red lipstick and we would take photos in the guest bedroom while listening to Shiny Toy Guns and Madonna. It was probably the best night ever. Impromptu photo sessions are the greatest!

Seriously though. Colby is magnificent, and such a good friend. He's launching some blog changes this week, so go check it out. He's the cutest gay best friend I could ever ask for!
I love you so much, best friend! xo H