Monday, March 25, 2013

A Case of the Mondays (or maybe it's just PMS)

It is currently 8:39 am, which is by no means early or anything, but I've been wide awake since 5:48. You see, I have the world's most vicious cramps. Every single month, without fail, I find myself in a hot bath near 6 am at least once. Maybe twice, if I'm 'lucky' (case in point: today. I've been in this bathtub twice in the span of 3 hours). 
It's like you can't ever win with the female body. You aren't pregnant: congrats! You get this awful 5-7 days of nonstop PAIN. You do get pregnant: congrats! Now you have 9 months of weird body changes. At least the latter ends in a baby, right? 

So anywho, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things around the internet as of late, since you know, I have nothing better to do on a Monday at 9 am. 
These sweet little girl dresses. Question. Do they make these in big girl sizes, because I'll take one. 
I just need to know: is Peeta wearing Uggs? Also, I cannot wait for Catching Fire. 
The gorgeous photos from this bridesmaid luncheon. It's got me thinking I want to do something like this for my special gals... 
I've been thinking a lot about Disney tattoos (hi Mom! Don't kill me!), and this one is just... fabulous. The colors are incredible, and Ariel is my spirit animal. (I don't have the original link to this, sorry!)

*Grumpy Cat gets a photo shoot with Time Magazine. 
*The sweetest Moonrise Kingdom birthday party. Note to self, be this cool when you are a mom. 
*I claimed victory in making Blake try quinoa, so I can't wait to try this recipe for quinoa mac & cheese. 
*These AMAZING pet photos.
*Basically, this entire board on Pinterest of quotes from Girls. I really love that show. But that's a post for another day. 
*This is, without a doubt, my dream wedding dress. But it costs roughly the same amount as my venue. Actually, nearly double. So... that was a no-go. 

It is now 10:06 am, I'm out of the bathtub (thank you Jesus), and speaking of Jesus, watching last night's episode of the Bible. I really like this miniseries, but as I've stated before, I don't understand why everyone has some sort of European accent. For instance, pretty sure that Noah had a Scottish accent. Something was definitely off. It weirds me out. 

Happy Monday!

*Most of these things came from my Pinterest. You should follow me on there! 

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