Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I went to the gym last night.
Followed by a trip to Starbucks.

I skipped on my usual drink (um, I guess I'll be honest here... I usually get an iced venti cinnamon dolce latte. WITH whipped cream. It's like asking for 5 pounds to creep up on me!). Instead, I ordered an iced green tea (unsweetened makes it a zero calorie drink, duh!) and I spent the next hour going down every single aisle of the grocery store.
I ended up with a cart full of things like greek yogurt...and granola.... and rice chips.
You know, healthy things.
Well, I'm assuming these things are healthy.

Anywho: for accountability's sake, and since I posted such a weirdly honest blog on my health, I thought I'd share my adventure to the gym!

After originally setting my alarm to be at the gym by 9 am, then going to lunch and seeing a movie with Blake,  I found myself on the couch for 2 hours watching "How Do I Look" on the Style Network. That's when I was like, "oh, duh, you need to go the gym, stupidhead."
So, I got my cutesy workout clothes on (because, really, how are you supposed to feel motivated if you don't look cute? Right? ...Right?) and I headed out to the gym. I slowly made my way upstairs to where the treadmills are and put on my designated playlist for such an occasion and went to town.

Here's where I'll be really honest, because I really do feel the need to be honest about how this whole workout and be healthy thing is really hard for me:
I did a little over two miles in 30-ish minutes. I think I quit right around 35 minutes. I walked, I sure as heck did not run. But I felt like dying all the same.

At around 1.3 miles, I hit my wall, and immediately wanted to call it quits. You know, the wall that's all like, "I can't do this anymore, my legs are turning to jello, the old lady on the treadmill in front of me is walking faster than me, dear Lord help me." I hit THAT wall.
But then I remembered how my mom can run a 5K in nothing flat, how my mom can easily do an hour on the elliptical and hardly break a sweat (okay, I'm pretty sure I made that up, she might sweat a little bit), and how my mom now wears the same size as me (good job momma, proud of you!).
So I pushed through and kept going. When I hit the 2 mile mark, I was right in the middle of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" so obvi I couldn't stop there, so I finished walking when the song was over. ;)

My gym also has an indoor track, so I then went on to do another mile-ish there (probably a little less, since I lost count of how many laps I did).

Oh! And I went home, watched the Bachelorette and did Pinterest workouts.
(Don't you dare act like you've never pinned some of those before!)

All in all, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself right now.
I'm still trying to balance it with everything I do in a week (every other week I work 12 hour work days 3 days a week!), but I'm sure I'll find that balance soon.
I'm also striving to make healthier decisions when eating, especially when eating out.

But Jesus, Lord Almighty, I'm gonna need some help when passing by Red Robin. Oh my stars.


  1. Get it, girl! It seems like the first few months are the hardest...then it gets a little addicting. I'm still in that first month, though. DUDE. It's tough. You're way ahead of me, endurance-wise.

  2. Good luck with your healthy goals! I hit that wall every time I go and usually hit that wall before I even leave for the gym. I highly suggest doing yoga in your home, too. It is an easy way to feel great inside and out and you don't have to worry about the cardio.

    Amanda Rose

  3. I love rice chips! I love dipping the in things like fresh salsa and other chopped-veggies-dips. You are much better than me with this work out game. I can never get myself to go to the gym. I'm more of a pilates class kind of girl!